Lululemon reTREAT;

Yesterday, I had the absolute pleasure of going along to a free Lululemon yoga day, called ‘reTREAT’, filled with lots of stretching & yummy treats.

Image via Rhyanna VL Yoga

We had four hours of yoga & pilates (broken up into two blocks) with local Lululemon ambassadors/instructors  & then an hour of Yoga Nidra to finish the day. We had two breaks where the lovely Green Smoothie Co & Nood peeps provided chia seed puddings, green smoothies, fruit skewers, fresh yoghurt and a bunch of other goodness.

Image via Green Smoothie Co

Session 1 was Yoga with Phoebe from Yogaworx; Session 2 was with Hayley from Beyond Being Power; after lunch we had Session 3 which was pilates with Sophie from Aspire; and Session 4 was with Rhyanna from Rhyanna VL Yoga.

And of course, Yoga Nidra at the end was incredible. Taken from this website, Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest of all meditations, leading awareness through many levels of mental process to a state of supreme stillness and insight. Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep. It is a state of conscious deep sleep.

In meditation, you remain in the waking state of consciousness, and gently focus the mind, while allowing though patterns, emotions, sensations and images to arise and go on. However, in Yoga Nidra, you leave the waking state, go past the dreaming state, and go to deep sleep, yet remain awake.

To stay that Yoga Nidra was the perfect blissful end to the weekend would be an understatement!

Image via Rhyanna VL Yoga

As we were finishing up for the day, I got such a massive flood of gratitude wash over me. For the Cottesloe Lululemon team for organising the event, the lovely yogi’s that gave up their Sunday to do an hour of yoga/pilates for free, Ath & Todd at Green Smoothie Co & Nikki at Nood for all the yummy treats. These people did it for the perth community. No other reason! Blessed doesn’t even come close to describing it.

For other Lululemon retreats, see this page. And for store specific stuff (like free yoga in store), search here.




Bali: relaxation;

Yoga barn (image via Kelly)

When I was booking Bali, I knew I needed to end the trip in Ubud. Situated approximately one hour north of the airport, Ubud is known as the culture centre. As soon as we arrived, I knew I was where I was supposed to be.

Yoga Studio at Yoga Barn (via Emma)

If you love yoga & raw food, I would highly recommend staying more than two days. The yoga schedule at Yoga Barn is extensive. Just see below for the June schedule:

I did a 6pm yin yoga class just as the sun was setting. We were situated on the first floor in the open field, overlooking all the rice fields near by & just the setting along was incredible. As it was still quite warm at this time, my muscles were able stretch a lot further & I felt I got so much out of that class.

Pampering wise, the ONLY day spa I will ever go to again would be Kush, located at Yoga Barn.

Taken from the website:

“KUSH treatments focus on balance and rejuvenation. Each healing ceremony draws from ancient Vedic and Tantric practices. Our dedication to authenticity of technique, purity of product and devotion to optimum health and wellbeing have resulted in the development of a healing environment like no other in Bali.

All of KUSH’s therapists have a deep seated knowledge in Indonesian bodywork and have undergone many months of dedicated training with Yoga and Ayurveda specialist Uma Inder to learn the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga”

You can see the full treatment list here.

I got the ‘Balancing Ayuryoga Massage’ which is Kush’s strongest massage combined with assisted yogic stretches & Marma pressure point therapy with medicinal oils. It was by far the best massage I’ve EVER received & it was the perfect way to end my holiday & time in Ubud.

If I had my time again, I would spend a week (or a few) just at Yoga Barn & Kush. There is also accommodation on site plus numerous hotels & resorts nearby. I stayed at Alaya Resort next door which I would highly recommend, even if it’s just for one night.

Now, back to planning the next trip back 🙂

Bali: the food edition;

Before I had booked Bali, I made sure my fellow travel buddy was a lover of raw food as much as me (he was). Although we didn’t eat raw every meal, we came pretty close to it. Here’s a list of my favourite places we ate at:


Earth Café, Seminyak

So many greens; so much tofu & so much goodness.

Motel Mexicola, Seminyak

Not raw but still so damn tasty! The deco at this place was something else. Highly recommend!

Zula Vegetarian Heaven, Seminyak

Zula, owned by the same people that own Down to Earth & Earth Cafe is right in the centre of Seminyak and came highly recommended by a vego friend. The place did not disappoint!

Not pictured: the incredible desserts from Zula and Earth Cafe. So yummy & most of them were refined sugar free (YAY!)

Potato Head, Seminyak

Chefs salad. Hands down the greatest dish of all.

Fave dining experience of the trip! We got seared tuna, chicken, chefs salad and chicken caesar salad. Left with the greatest smiles on our faces that night!

Alchemy, Ubud

Pick your own salad! Add anything you want with dressing on the side. This massive bowl cost $5 AUD. Would happily live in Bali in a heart beat!

And the dairy free ice cream? Amazing.

Down to Earth, Ubud

Buckwheat pancakes with jam & honey. YUM

Yoga Barn, Ubud

Just a massive plate of goodness!

– – – –


I love the fact I could go away & eat mainly raw with no refined sugar. All the desserts at these raw cafes were labelled clearly with every ingredient that was in it which made it SUPER easy for me (plus I hate being that girl that asks what sweetener has been used!)

Each plate of goodness worked out to be 1/4 the price they are here in Perth which makes me super sad but also super excited to make my own dishes in the future.

If you’re going to Bali soon & are looking for gluten free (and healthy options), check out the @glutenfreebali instagram page 🙂

Healthy eating peeps!

Bali: the beach club edition;

Hanging Gardens, Ubud

Bali is home to infinity pools. Here’s a list of some beach clubs I checked out & would highly recommend.

Cocoon, Seminyak 

What once overlooked the beach, now has some temporary huts blocking the beach view 😦 The thing I love about Cocoon is that you can walk in & use their pool at no cost. We did however have their freshly squeezed pineapple juice which was heavenly! Food from Cocoon is good too (from previous experience).

Finn’s Beach Club, Uluwatu

Finn’s Beach Club is situated on the most south point of Bali. On the top half of the complex, there’s two infinity pools & then to get down to the beach, there’s a 250k IDR entry (where 150k IDR is used as a food credit). Gorgeous spot, good food, incredible fresh juices & crystal clear ocean on the door step. Good spot for a late afternoon lunch.

El Kabron, Uluwatu

El Kabron was by FAR my favourite. They require a 300k IDR minimum spend on food/drinks but I would of happily paid that amount just to be there. It’s a spanish tapas restaurant but as I was having a super clean holiday, I just had a freshly squeezed watermelon juice (plus, I ate at Finn’s not long before!)

Best place to chill out & read!

Highly recommend this place in the late afternoon because it’s the perfect spot to watch the sunset. During the day, they have plenty of day beds with massive umbrellas for cover too.

Freshly squeezed mango juice. YUM

Potato Head, Seminyak

Another gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the beach! Not far from the centre of Seminyak, Potato Head has such a variety. There’s lounges up the front for sunset watching, there’s the restaurant, lawn area, pool bar or the day beds for ultimate relaxation. There’s a minimum spend of 500k IDR for the daybeds and a bit of a waiting list depending on what time you go but we got there at 3pm and only waited 30 minutes and then stayed for dinner which was heavenly.

Tanah Lot

Although not a beach club, Tanah Lot is definitely one not to be missed. I was hoping to go for the sunset but with some many epic sunset spots on my list, this one had to be a day trip. It’s approximately 35 minutes north of Seminyak by scooter and well worth the trip just to be somewhere with clean air.

Just looking at all these photos makes me want to go back! It helps that my next trip back is already booked though 😉

Paradise in Bali;

If you’ve been following my instagram the last week, you may have seen a mix of water & lush surroundings popping up on your feed. Apologies to those in the southern hemisphere that were seeing those from 2 degree environments!

When cheap flights to Bali popped up a few months ago, I booked them on a whim. I didn’t know my travel buddy too well, I only knew that he loves personal development, meditation, yoga & he doesn’t drink. Which was exactly what I wanted out of this trip; complete relaxation & feeling calm everyday.

We hired a scooter the whole time we were there & it was by far the easiest way to get around (even driving Jimbaran Bay to Tanah Lot one day which was 43km’s one way). We ended up riding over 2,000 km’s in a week but we saw SO much & were able to stop whenever we pleased as there was parking for scooters everywhere.

I’ve got three posts coming up; the beach clubs, food edition & relaxation (soul & body). Keep an eye out very soon 🙂

New friends & the perfect weekend mix;


Sunset views from South Perth

It’s mid June & I’m sitting here with the heater cranking, just hours before flying off to Bali. The weekend just gone was my perfect weekend. It involved gym & sauna time, coastal walks where I looked like I was walking + video-ing myself (talking on FaceTime), brunch dates, river walks, free samples at a Woman’s expo, my favourite pizza, Fremantle adventures & a 9.5 km sunset river walk to top it all off. There was plenty of sunshine, deep conversations, massive smiles, last minute plans, lots of walking & just the right mix of stretching too.

Favourite spot: Raw Kitchen, Fremantle

And thinking about it all today, I realised the four people I spent time with this weekend were people I met this year. Two from February and two from exactly a month ago and the crazy thing is, it feels like I’ve known them all for years.

I used to have this idea that the people you grew up with, you had the strongest bond with but this year has been the biggest myth buster of that idea. You see, when you meet people with the same or similar interests as you, when you’re at a point in your life when you’re SO crystal clear on who you are & what you want in your life, those friendships fast forward a few years (or 10).

Raw Nachos – YUM!

Here’s three classic examples of how I’m attracting exactly who I am this year:

The Blue Buddha, Fremantle

I went to Raw Kitchen yesterday for lunch with a girlfriend I met exactly a month ago. Mid -May, we both attended the Train the Trainer course with David Wood where it was five intensive days of growing, stretching & getting WAY out of our comfort zone. From the moment we had our first chat, it felt like I’ve known her for years. Over lunch, we were discussing books & personal development courses & I suggested we go check out the last remaining book store in Fremantle (such a sad thought). There weren’t that many books there since it was a second hand one but on the way back, we stumbled upon a little shop called The Blue Buddha. There were crystals, books, little buddha’s and all sorts of CD’s and DVD’s; a small 5 minute stop turned into over an hour.

It made me wonder, how often do you get lost in places like this with someone you just met? Not often!

I took the above photo to send to my fellow Bali travel buddy, because he’s literally the male version of me (yoga, meditation, green smoothie, raw foodie and all). And of course, he happened to be in exactly the same store, 20 km’s away (buying me a salt lamp which release negative ions of all things – but that’s a whole new post, my love affair with negative ions).

Life seriously blows my mind every day.

Riverside Drive sunsets

And then Perth puts on a show like this where I’m walking with C & we’re both in exactly the same situation. We both so desperately want to be in California in August for our company’s massive annual celebration but time just isn’t on our side. Neither of us want to miss out but we also don’t want to do a half-arsed trip to the States. And after feeling down last week about having to postpone the trip, in a matter of minutes, I feel at peace with my decision & super excited that I have a friend to do the trip with next year, New York and all the other cities as well.

Now, time to get packing for Bali & have a week of pure bliss 🙂

WA day weekend;

It feels like it was only last week that I was down in Dunsborough but it seems it’s been 5 weeks! We had another long weekend here in Perth (also known as WA day) and it was the last long weekend for a few months so it was the perfect opportunity to get away again.

Waking up to the sound of rain while snuggling in the warmest flannelette cocoon has got to be up there as one of the best feelings ever. There were no alarm clocks set & breakfast came to bed on the last morning.

We visited Samudra (of course), caught up with some friends for brunch, checked out a girlfriends new house and went on lots of walks. Walks that included a massive property full of Kangaroos!

Weekends away are so good for the soul. Especially relaxing ones and especially the ones spent with loved ones ❤