No idea I needed adjustments;

Last month, my friend recommended a Chiropractic consultation at a place that she goes to and when she said it was free, I was all ears (I love free stuff!) and it was only 5 minutes from my house so of course I went along.

I learned a very long time ago that prescription medicine was not the answer to the things I needed addressing so over the last few years, I’ve dabbled with acupuncture, naturopathic herbs, Iridology/ Sclerology, bowen therapy, deep tissue and soft tissue massage. They’ve all been good at reducing the problems but they’ve never really gone away.

See, for as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from bloating, digestive issues, headaches (tension and pressure) and stress. When I take on too much, and adrenalin goes into overdrive, my digestive system shuts down which causes bloating and all sorts of problems (common situation from what I hear). Having a wheat free diet has helped BIG time as well as cleansing regularly (nightly or one full day at a time or in this weeks case – double cleanse day because my body fat is creeping up). Also, having adaptogens daily has helped with my ability to adapt to stress so even less bloating & digestive issues.

So when I went to my first Chiropractic consultation, I got a scan done which read my whole spine & the problems that came up made SO much sense. There were blockages in my neck which made me get headaches & also meant I was constantly tense in my shoulders. There were also blockages in my mid back which affected my digestion as well as slight blockages in my lower back which made sense because I’m either sitting down at work or in the car (as much as I try sit correctly all the time, sitting for so long does affect my back). You can read more about these subluxations: here.

My 4 week progress scans, using the insight subluxation station, showed a MASSIVE improvement and the most important thing of all, I feel it too.

So if you’re in Perth, you’re in luck! I’ve got vouchers for a free initial consultation & assessment. You can email me on: if you would like to see what’s going on in your body 🙂

Otherwise, highly recommend going to any Chiropractor that has the subluxation station to get the real picture of where your health is at.


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