16 Reasons You’re Succeeding in Life (Even If You Don’t Feel You Are);

One of my all time favourite blogs is definitely Marc and Angel. Their latest post about signs of success in life got me thinking about my life & how much I’m actually succeeding in (and it’s a pretty great thought!)

Here’s the quick list, the full post can be found HERE.

  1. You are walking your own path, not anyone else’s.
  2. You are gradually working through your fears.
  3. You have not let failure stop you.
  4. You learn something new and grow stronger every day.
  5. You have overcome some considerable obstacles.
  6. You do your best to love what is.
  7. You try to be as present as possible.
  8. You love yourself first, instead of loving the idea of everyone else loving you.
  9. You don’t judge people.
  10. You are the reason some people smile.
  11. You have incredible people in your life. .
  12. You have been selfless in your closest relationships. You have given up doing things for others out of guilt.
  13. You have given up doing things for others out of guilt.
  14. You aren’t overspending to impress or satisfy others.
  15. You respect yourself enough to never let anyone walk all over you.
  16. You know you can’t please everyone, and you don’t try.


How many of these 16 things can you agree with?


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