Monthly Round Up: July;

Looking back over July, it’s made me realise how much can be done in a month & just how much can change. So hopefully I can keep up these monthly reviews for the rest of the year & look back on 2014 in a few short months. It’s been an incredible year so far!

Last month was full of so much good food. Pictured below, I checked out Stimulatte, Solomon’s Cafe, Darlings Supper Club, Jamie’s Italian, Karibu Cafe & The Grovsnor Hotel. Not pictured: The Windsor Hotel, Madhatters on Milston, The Royal, Little Creatures, Halo Espresso, Heavenly Plate, Raw Kitchen, The Brisbane & The Chocolate Lounge.

When I wasn’t eating with local friends, I was dining with interstate friends. I had my best friend fly over from Queensland mid month for our annual July catch up. In 2011, I flew to Auckland; in 2012 we met in Melbourne; in 2013 I flew over to Queensland & this year S came to Perth for the 5th time in 7 years (she isn’t the best friend for no reason!)

The weather was beautiful the whole time she was here so there were lots of walks involved plus as much good food we could fit into four days.

The annual Isagenix University was also on in July & it was awesome to have some of my girls come along & learn more about Isagenix from the corporate team & see why it’s the greatest company to be involved with. I went to the Sydney Uni back in April this year but got so much more out of this the second time round. There were different speakers, new content & new product releases. Plus the super exciting reveal of an Isagenix distribution centre in Perth which is a perfect example of how much product is consumed in Western Australia (and hardly any of the state has heard of it yet!)

One of the photos taken of me in July made me realise just how long my hair had gotten so two days later, I was booked in for my bi-annual bob. Gosh, I have missed having short hair!

Weather was beautiful in July so a girlfriend & I decided to go hiking in the hills. When we woke up one morning & read the forecast said 95% of rain, we didn’t think anything of it (mistake #1). We got so excited when we saw the start of the Bibbulmun Track so we took that track. 90 mins in, we decided we better head back but realised we had gone off course (mistake #2) and then it started raining. Off track and totally wet, we continued along the path we thought we took before only to realise an hour later, we were walking in the totally opposite direction. We eventually got back to the car & decided that wasn’t our greatest idea. Note to self: buy a waterproof raincoat!

Other than bush walking & coastal walks, July was full of sauna visits, 90 yin yoga sessions & lots of time spent with weights. Summer is close to 12 weeks away & although I try to maintain a healthy body all year round, I do have a number of weddings coming up this summer where I want to look 11/10.

I also managed to squeeze in an Ayurvedic workshop into July which was awesome. After reading about Ayurvedic principles, I got a Ayurvedic massage in Bali in June which caused my friend J to look into Ayurvedia in Perth which led her to this workshop (organised by  Lakshmi Ayuvedia Wellness Centre which is the very place I first read about the principles!)

We went over daily routines & how we can eat better for our types (find out your dosha here) as well as two yoga sessions & a hearty vegetarian lunch with yummy homemade chai tea.

So this winter has been quite the workshop season. In June I went to the LuluLemon retreat, in July I went to a Ayurvedic workshop & in August, I’m heading along to a Yin Yoga workshop by Yoga Grooves.

The world is full of cool stuff! The trick is to find it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up: July;

  1. Wow what a month Anna!
    I seriously cannot believe it is August already, whaaaaat.
    But on the bright side YAY you’re posting again 😉

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