Core Desired Feelings;

Two days before flying out to Bali in June this year, I spotted ‘The Desire Map’ in a small bookshop. I’ve been meaning to get round to reading it ever since I read ‘The Fire Starter Sessions’ in April 2013 but you know, life happens (in my case, full time work and uni).

If you don’t already follow Danielle LaPorte, or know who she is, I suggest finding out ASAP. This lady is going to change the world with her desire mapping, I just know it.

At the start of the year, I chose three words to guide me through 2014. My three words were:




Every decision I have made this year, has been based around my three core desired feelings. As in, will this decision help me feel how I want to feel? Over the last 9 months, I’ve had to distance myself from certain people, say no to a number of invitations, postpone a dream holiday and spend a lot of time recharging my batteries to feel the way I wanted to feel every single day.

As my 24th birthday was just around the corner, I sat down last weekend and went through the book to come up with some new core desired feelings for the next coming months. There’s some big changes to come in the next three months but leading up to everything & beyond, I want to feel:





Anyone else just as in love with Danielle LaPorte & Desire Mapping as I am?

& if so, what are your core desired feelings?


4 thoughts on “Core Desired Feelings;

  1. Oh Anna you are such a wise, soulful 24 year old!! Love this post SO much!! Our core desired feelings are eerily similar (no surprise really) as mine are; Joy, Proud and Limitless

    Happy birthday pumpkin xxxx

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