Monthly Round Up: August;

August was another awesome month. There were way too many late nights spent at the office but when I wasn’t locked up doing reports, I was going for river and coastal walks, doing the Kayla Itsines workout guide with C, eating my little heart out & celebrating my birthday!

In August, I went to Bib & Tucker (twice), Monggo, Architects & Heros, The Raw Kitchen, The Precinct, Fez, Panache Cafe, Coco’s, The Mexican Kitchen, That Little Mexican Place, La Cholita, El Publico and Mad Mex way too many times. Anyone else sensing a massive month of Mexican? #obsessed.

We were lucky to have really sunny weekdays so all Kayla Itsines work outs were outside. Every workout involved some park time after & hand stand sessions. Best workout or what?

C & I were on a mission to try different playgrounds in Perth. How awesome is this one below?

& when we weren’t goofing around in playgrounds, we were practicing handstands and cartwheels and just having lots of fun in general.

For my birthday, I went out to lunch near my house & was blessed with beautiful weather once again.

& I couldn’t have asked for a better evening at home, drinking champagne on my front deck, watching the sun set that night.

& when I wasn’t working late in the office, I was watching as many sunsets as possible. So many beautiful nights in August!

Life as a 23 year old was pretty rad. I started to really focus on my health & fitness; I graduated University 12 months earlier than planned; went on multiple trips to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane; spent the summer in NZ with my best friends; helped a number of people with nutritional cleansing; received my property valuers licence; had the most blissful week in Bali; did a lot of personal development and had my best friend S come to Perth for a quick visit.  But life as a 24 year old post university? The world is my oyster & I’m so freaking excited to explore more!


3 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up: August;

  1. I know I am late to this post, but just wanted to say it looks like an AMAZING year. Well done you for going after what you want. I always feel charged coming away from your blog. (And love the view from your deck!)

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