Going backpacking through Europe for 10 weeks in the winter time changed me. I was twenty years old at the time but I think I learnt the lesson of detachment of ‘things’ pretty early on in life.

I came back to Perth and all I could see was clutter around me. I requested that family & friends no longer gave me ‘things’ but rather experiences if they REALLY had to (quality time is far more important to me).

I discovered The Minimalists and the Minimalist Living blog and every winter semester break, I would de-clutter as much as possible. I gave away books, magazines, clothes and shoes. I made ‘to buy’ lists before I purchased anything and I got smarter with my purchases. As I look around my room now, I am happy to say I do not have much that I don’t use.

So when I read about Natalie Jean’s pre-fall capsule collection, I was in. A capsule wardrobe is a mix and match of essential clothes that can be adapted for any occasion. And THIS blog post explains it all. Perfect timing with summer around the corner and September being a reasonably quiet month for cleaning and getting rid of more clutter, especially in my wardrobe.

FYI. If you search capsule wardrobe on Pinterest, there are HEAPS of ideas.

Has anyone else tried doing a wardrobe capsule or interested in doing one for summer?



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