Monthly Round Up: September;

September was another month full of foodie dates, late nights in the office, walks wherever possible and a whole bunch of new stuff.

In September, I checked out Market Juicery, The Vic in Subi, Laneway Lounge, The Rosemount, La Veen on King, Brooklyn Lounge, Mrs S, Millpoint Cafe, Health Freak Cafe in Scarborough, Hardware Cafe and my all time favourite, Samudra in Dunsborough.

I was treated to tickets to Le Noir for my birthday which was incredible! Most people don’t believe me when I say I want to run away with the circus but the more shows like Le Noir and Cirque Du Soleil, the more inspired and motivated I get. Speaking of acrobats and tricks, I tried Acroyoga in September and loved it so much! With all my Air Yoga, handstands and split stretching sessions, I should be fit for the circus in no time!

Mid-September, Perth put on some delicious Spring weather on a Sunday where lots of us gathered for some day time drinking at one of our old favourites, The Rosemount Hotel. The place has been renovated in recent times and is the perfect place for a daytime drink or meal. Other social outings included my girlfriends hens party and the One Day Tour at Capitol (which is Horrorshow, Spit Syndicate, Jackie Onassis and Joyride).

September wasn’t all fun and games unfortunately. I took on more work which resulted in little sleep & no time to exercise so my body gave way & all I did was sleep for five days. Long overdue I think! I haven’t had the flu in over four years so it hit me hard this time but it definitely forced me to slow down with work and taught me that even though I can do lots, I should not try do it all. So I started going to the sauna again, left the office in time for sunset walks and slowly got back into the gym once the flu was long gone.

The last week of September was my favourite. I drove 3 hours south of Perth to visit a friend in Dunsborough, a small town that is in my top 5 places to live. The next day, I met up with 10 others and we were off to Injidup Beach for the ultimate zen hens getaway. But more on that in the next post!




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