The Ultimate Zen Hen’s Getaway;

When the message was sent out that Anna’s bridesmaids were planning a secret hen’s getaway south of Perth, I was all in. The bride to be had no idea where we were going & who was going to be there. As I went down early, I had to keep my locations and check in’s turned off and for a massive instagram addict, THAT was extremely difficult!

When I was shown the house we were going to be staying in prior to the road trip, I was in disbelief. That house is in Western Australia? And that view is real? I was dying to be down there to see for myself. And it sure did not disappoint!

I could not think of a more perfect house to stay in! It’s situated off the main road, up a gravel track with no houses nearby. There’s a meditation den, dome bar overlooking the ocean and a massive amphitheatre at the back where they put on weddings and concerts.

When we weren’t going for walks or hanging out at the house, we were at Samudra. On Wednesday, we went down for brunch with flower crowns made by one of the lovely bridesmaids Dee. After quite some time in the sun, digesting our meals, we had a private yoga session followed by 30 minutes of meditation. The yoga teacher came highly recommended by one of our local friends and she blew us all away! Thank you so much Zephyr!

I had the most incredible time away, getting to know these girls even more. To be surrounded by so many beautiful, funny and strong woman fills my heart with SO much love.

And to the other Anna O; I wish you the most blissful 14 days before the love fest of all love fests ❤


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Zen Hen’s Getaway;

  1. This looked like the ultimate girls break and to do it for a Hens Party what a great idea! That house looked amazing, especially the view from the bed what a way to wake up 🙂

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