Last day as a Property Valuer;

When I was trying to decide whether to travel the globe or get a degree under my belt, I always knew one thing: whatever I study at university will be a stepping stone to future opportunities. I never went into Property Valuations with the intention of having one job in mind & that was it. In 2010, when I put my enrolment form in for Semester 1, 2011, I enjoyed a number of aspects of property. Growing up with my dad being a builder, I loved the process of it all. I loved all the different materials used & I loved seeing the finished product. I also loved the pre-building stage. From the ages of 10 until about well, now, I would constantly draw house plans. They varied as the years went on, going from massive houses to nowadays, simple layouts and good use of space (my ‘simple living‘ and ‘small spaces‘ pinterest boards are a good indication of that).

I always enjoyed design & architecture and NEARLY did an architecture degree but figured a business/property degree would be more broad first time round (there’s always time for a masters in architecture!)

In the first year of my degree, I got to learn more about passive heating/cooling & I thought, geez that’s pretty cool! & when my favourite lecturer showed us THIS Ted talk, everything changed. I grew up moving things in my rooms around ALL the time so the idea of having an apartment with movable walls was mind blowing & just pure genius. From that one Ted talk, I got more into sustainability, which led me to meet a Perth fellow greenie through social media who has started an Instagram page, Green with me, who I consider a dear friend of mine now. We can talk for hours about anything & everything and it’s pretty awesome exchanging house/electric cars/vegan food ideas/backpacking plans.

As I finish up in my current role as a Property Valuer today, something I’ve been doing for the last 3.5 years, I’m so grateful for the things I’ve learnt in this job & in my degree. Just because I won’t be using my Property Valuation qualification in the meantime doesn’t mean it was a waste of time. The things I’ve learnt over the last four years, the people I’ve met and the things I’ve had the time to do are priceless.

What am I planning to do next? Even I don’t know! But I’ll figure that one out 😉


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