Back in Bali;

Bali has well and truly stolen a large piece of my heart this month. The original plan was to fly in for four days for a wedding but when I decided I was going to quit my job before the trip, I extended my holiday to seven days.

When I previously visited Bali in June this year, I stopped by Canggu to see a friend and discovered Desa Seni, A Village Resort. I was instantly drawn to the yoga classes and all the wellness treatments on offer.

While I was over, I tried Hatha, Kundalini and Anusara style yoga, all of which I enjoyed. Over the last year, I’ve been practicing a lot of Yin Yoga, which is a slower style, focused more on stretching and getting deeper into the muscles. I’ve asked a number of friends what they love about their yoga practice and many have said they love the sweat and the feeling of a good workout….which is probably why I’m not a fan of Hot Yoga! I practice Yoga as a way to slow down so practicing new styles of Yoga at Desa Seni was a great way to broaden my preferred styles.

Other than doing Yoga as much as possible, this trip was all about relaxing. The last four months have been hectic & my body has never been under more stress from lack of sleep and complete overwhelm. I didn’t have any plans before I went over (other than wedding stuff), nor did I have a long list of places to visit.

As Canggu is a lot quieter than other parts of Bali, such as Kuta and Seminyak, I hired a scooter and had an absolute blast riding around. I stayed at a place called The Temple, which is a Surf Hostel run by a lovely local called Berlin. People seem to have so many misconceptions about Hostels but being a solo traveler, I absolutely love them. I’ve met some of the coolest people over the years and this Bali trip was no different.

The Temple, Canggu

On my second day, I met an American girl, N, who like me, is 25 years old and just quit her job back home as a Registered Nurse because her heart was craving something more. We swam in the pool for hours, discussing the similarities in our lives, especially when it came to what we want and our journey to where we are now.

Then there was a Kiwi girl, G, who grew up near my friends in the North Shore of Auckland, that has spent the last year traveling the east and west coast of Australia, having lived in Perth for a short time before spending a month in Bali and then moving onto a month in Thailand.

And then on my last day, in walked a German girl with the same name as me (Russian pronunciation), who had the coolest travel bags and we went Canggu exploring, checking out Crate Café and watching the sunset at Old Mans.

Last sunset in Bali (for now)

Having little plans this trip allowed me to just hang out in the pool with N, exchanging travel and love stories, staying up late one night and making big decisions; chilling out on the bean bags at the Hostel with G, being blown away by her travel adventures and ideas that have forever changed my future direction; and fighting my urge to do a last minute day in Ubud which would of gone against my relaxation rule meant I got to meet A and just hang out, watching the sunset with a $1 big piece of corn in hand, biggest smile across my face.

Flying back to Perth last week, thinking about the fact that I have no commitments to return to was an incredible feeling. I’ve done some form of study every year for the last 18 years, whether it was high school, a certificate in events management, mature age school (being a high school drop out and all), or university. My parents are officially off my back now that I have a bachelor degree to my name and although there’s so many other courses I would love to do, for now, this heart of mine is yearning to travel.


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