2014 summary: what a year!

I remember sitting in my best friends kitchen on January 1st, mapping out the year ahead. I’m not one for goals but I made a priorities list & had a few places I wanted to visit in 2014. I’m super proud to say 2014 far exceeded what I thought the year would bring.

So here’s how 2014 looked for me:

Secluded beach all to myself; NYE celebrations with B; Raw Kitchen with K; Air Yoga hangs

JANUARY: Waiheke Island; road tripping to Matakana; hanging out with friends in NZ; Cavalia; 90’s themed hens parties; morning beach dates followed by brunch; coastal walks; Dunsborough adventures; nutritional cleansing; stretch and flex and lots of beach time.

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Monthly Round Up: December;

Sorrento walks

Last month of 2014 and it was my second month in Melbourne. In December I explored Parkdale, Sandringham, Black Rock, Beaumaris, Sorrento, Shelley Bay, Portsea, and Elwood Beach. My friends and even I wondered how I would survive, living away from the WA coast and turns out, I’m surviving just fine! The beaches south of St Kilda Beach are quite lovely. Especially on the Mornington Peninsula.

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The Christmas Orphan;

xmasOver the last few years, I’ve spent more time being a Christmas orphan than with my parents on Christmas Day. I choose to be an orphan not because I don’t get along with my parents, I love them dearly, it’s just that growing up an only kid, in a small family, Christmas Day is never anything special.

I like to do something different every Christmas so in the last few years, there’s been a Christmas with S and her extended family (which is HUGE) in Auckland, a Christmas in London as the snow fell down outside, Christmas in Perth spent at the beach, another Auckland summer Christmas but with my other best friend K and her Russian family and then a night with friends. But this year, I didn’t really think it through.

I thought, “Hey I’m in Melbourne, something will come up”. And then as it got closer to the day, I thought I’d use the day as time to myself. I had a big sleep in, did some washing and sent off a few messages to loved ones. But then the sadness came out of nowhere.

I thought about what an amazing Christmas I had last year and this year didn’t even compare. I chose to move to Melbourne in November so I could do something different this Christmas and New Years but for a second there, I really regretted the timing of it all.

I snapped out of it pretty quickly though. I googled the highest point near the coast, packed a massive beach bag and a journal and went for a drive. Being new to the city with zero data left on my phone, I went for a drive with no destination and no GPS. And you know what? It felt incredible just driving around unfamiliar streets with nowhere to be and no time limit.

By the time I got home, my housemates were home, along with their extended family and Christmas 2014 turned out to be one of the most memorable ones to date.

I’d love to know, what did everyone do for Christmas this year?

The first month in Melbourne;

When I was getting ready to move to Melbourne, I had people constantly ask me if I was excited/nervous/happy. There were two words that described how I felt and I’ve felt that way twice before. Once, when I was eighteen and about to fly to Los Angeles for my first solo trip and the second time, when I was twenty and about to fly to London to go backpacking through the UK/Europe, solo again.

The two words that came to mind for all three times: doubt & fear. I’ve had some seriously good people come into my life this year which made me doubt my decision to leave Perth but I had to constantly remind myself of the reasons why I was moving.

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