The first month in Melbourne;

When I was getting ready to move to Melbourne, I had people constantly ask me if I was excited/nervous/happy. There were two words that described how I felt and I’ve felt that way twice before. Once, when I was eighteen and about to fly to Los Angeles for my first solo trip and the second time, when I was twenty and about to fly to London to go backpacking through the UK/Europe, solo again.

The two words that came to mind for all three times: doubt & fear. I’ve had some seriously good people come into my life this year which made me doubt my decision to leave Perth but I had to constantly remind myself of the reasons why I was moving.

But as soon as I got off the plane at 7am, and Melbourne’s crisp morning air hit me right in the face, doubt and fear left my mind and I felt the biggest sense of relief.

South Bank walks

Having lived in Melbourne the last month, my love for the city just keeps growing & growing. I’ve caught up with several friends, checked out some cool gyms, cafes and bars and now I’m starting to feel more settled.

Burger feast at home

There’s nowhere else I’d be when it’s 36 degrees! Our pool ❤

I don’t know how long I’ll be in Melbourne but with so many cafes and yoga studios to try plus road trips to do, I think I’ll be here a while!

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