Monthly Round Up: December;

Sorrento walks

Last month of 2014 and it was my second month in Melbourne. In December I explored Parkdale, Sandringham, Black Rock, Beaumaris, Sorrento, Shelley Bay, Portsea, and Elwood Beach. My friends and even I wondered how I would survive, living away from the WA coast and turns out, I’m surviving just fine! The beaches south of St Kilda Beach are quite lovely. Especially on the Mornington Peninsula.

Red Spice Road; Preserve Kitchen

December was a quiet one on the food front but I did check out 3 monkeys, Red Spice Road, Myrtle’s Crepes, Vegie Bar, Yongs, Buckley’s Chance and Preserve Kitchen.

A friend moved back to Melbourne this month & we did another bar crawl down Chapel Street which involved Laksa Bar, Blue Bar, Somewhere, Lalaland and Chapel Street Cellars – yes you read right. You can buy alcohol from the cellars and drink it in store! Lovely couple own this one & it’s got such a homey feel to it!

December was a super active month with lots of coastal walks, gym time, Botantial Gardens/The tan and I finally got into a side leg split but a few seconds later, tore my right hamstring. Not exactly the most desirable outcome but it’s definitely taught me one massive lesson – do not take your muscles for granted! Especially legs.

Jan to Dec progress


In December, I caught up with a lot of friends I haven’t seen in months (some even years), celebrated my friends 25th birthday at a Alice in Wonderland themed dress up party, and also attended the Young Property Professionals Christmas Party. Christmas was spent in our courtyard which turned out to be lots of fun. New Years Eve is going to be low key with a house party down the road with some high school friends.

Wishing everyone the best end to 2014!


2 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up: December;

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