2014 summary: what a year!

I remember sitting in my best friends kitchen on January 1st, mapping out the year ahead. I’m not one for goals but I made a priorities list & had a few places I wanted to visit in 2014. I’m super proud to say 2014 far exceeded what I thought the year would bring.

So here’s how 2014 looked for me:

Secluded beach all to myself; NYE celebrations with B; Raw Kitchen with K; Air Yoga hangs

JANUARY: Waiheke Island; road tripping to Matakana; hanging out with friends in NZ; Cavalia; 90’s themed hens parties; morning beach dates followed by brunch; coastal walks; Dunsborough adventures; nutritional cleansing; stretch and flex and lots of beach time.

Graduation; Isagenix Celebration

FEBRUARY: coaching a few more girls through their first 30 days of nutritional cleansing; B&L’s wedding; lots of study for my property valuers licence; graduating University; flying to Brisbane for Isagenix’s annual celebration conference; visiting my best friend on the Gold Coast; and then deciding I don’t want to value houses anymore.

Meelup Beach; Anna’s wine tour; Harvest Espresso with L; Sculptures by the Sea with C

MARCH: road tripping down to Meelup for a friends birthday (and stopping by my fave, Samudra of course); Future Music Festival with big sis; a weekend of personal development; sport themed wine tours and lots of beach dates.

Isauni in Sydney; Slacklining; Samudra; Yin Yoga

APRIL: An old friend from California came back into my life so April was the month when the 2+ hour long skype dates began; I ended up submitting my valuation reports to keep my boss happy (and get my license to see if that changed anything); I flew to Sydney for another Isagenix conference and saw lots of friends that now live there; I tried slacklining for the first time, went down to Dunsborough again and discovered a new love for yin yoga.

Interview face; Celebrations; Winter in Dunsborough; David T.S Wood

MAY: I had my valuers interview & received my license a week later; went straight into a five day course with David T.S Wood; lots of sauna time; tried Jungle Body and went down to Dunsborough (again).

Desa Seni, Canggu

Hanging Gardens; Alchemy; Earth Cafe; Potato Head

JUNE: I spent a week in Bali eating lots of raw food, checking out beach clubs & falling madly in love with Ubud; then came back to Perth and realised it was time to move to Melbourne; had the best time at ‘Pure Bliss Day’ organised by the girls at the Cottesloe Lululemon store.

Crate Cafe, Bali

Float times; Isauni; S times; Bibbulmun hikes

JULY: Had my first float and absolutely loved it; attended Isagenix University; had my best friend S visit; attempted to hike the bibbulum and got terribly lost; and enjoyed a lovely day of Ayurveda learning with a friend.

Play times; Best waffles EVER; Birthday celebrations; Mexican all day

AUGUST: I started my 100 happy days challenge; attended a Yin Yoga workshop; celebrated my 24th birthday; ate Mexican four times in one week (three times in one day – obsessed) and finally handed in my letter of resignation at work.

Acro-yoga; Raw Kitchen dates; Samudra + Zen Hen’s getaway times

SEPTEMBER: Tried Acro-yoga for the first time; had a massive wakeup call; lots of lunch dates with girlfriends and then another trip down to Dunsborough, this time for a zen hen’s getaway.

D&A’s dinosaur wedding; A&M’s love fest; S&I’s beach wedding

OCTOBER: D&A’s wedding; Justin Timberlake concert; last day as a Valuer; Bali for A&M’s wedding; Gold Coast for S&I’s wedding and another Isagenix conference in Perth.

One Day Sunday Perth; One Day Sunday Melbourne; Eckhart Evening; Salted caramel + Nutella Taki’s Balls – YUM!

NOVEMBER: My farewell drinks at The Merrywell which left me doubting my decision to move; lots of beach time; one last Rosemount Sunday session and then a one way flight to Melbourne; explored Melbourne with a Perth friend; moved into my new place with some friends from NZ; saw Eckhart Tolle live; and lots of Melbourne adventures.

Alice in Wonderland dress ups; Sorrento walks; NYE

DECEMBER: Got settled into the Melbourne life; joined a new gym; met the Melbourne Isagenix group; celebrated a friends 25th birthday; ventured down to the Mornington Peninsula; celebrated Christmas with housemates + their family; saw some friends in Geelong and said goodbye to 2014 at a house party with friends from NZ.

You can view each monthly summary by clicking on the month in this post. Looking back now, I’m so glad I took the time to do them each month this year (minus April & June) because looking back, 2014 was a seriously good year!


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