An evening with a Spirit Junkie;

Last night, I went and saw Gabrielle Bernstein speak for a few hours but it almost didn’t happen.

All week, I’ve been feeling really off, not my usual self. It’s a feeling that’s come & gone ever since I moved to Melbourne at the beginning of November last year. I’ve wanted this move for YEARS but then the weeks leading up to the move, there were so many feelings of doubt that rushed over me.

I’ve had that exact feeling rush over me before so I knew I needed to push through. There’s been two times I remember having such overwhelming doubt. Once was before my first solo trip to California when I was eighteen and the second time, just before I set off for a three month solo backpacking trip through Europe/United Kingdom. The only difference was those two times were holidays, whereas, moving to Melbourne is so much more permanent.

Over the last two months, I’ve doubted the timing of it all numerous times. I would keep thinking how I SHOULD have stayed in Perth until the end of the summer like originally planned. But does that thought help me right now? Nope.

So this week has been a constant battle in my mind. I would keep getting those negative thoughts that do me absolutely no good and I would immediately dismiss them. I’m thankful I had years of emotional behavioural therapy (EBT) to teach me the techniques to break cycles but it still drains my energy.

Come Thursday afternoon, all I wanted to do was eat my weight in pastries. Earth Events, the girls that have brought Gabby to Australia sent out an email saying to get clear on our intention for the night. And I thought, “What if I could learn ONE new thing that can help me break out of this slump?”

So how did it all turn out? I headed into the city and since I purchased a premium ticket (high five past Anna!), I sat down in the front row and got chatting to the girl next to me, Mascha, a fellow Russian/world citizen yogi that now lives in Tasmania. I could not thank the Universe enough for aligning our worlds last night!

The three hours that followed were just what I needed. I walked away with not just one new thing learnt, but a number of new habits I want to slowly add into my life (more on these later). At the end of the night, Gabby did a live Q&A session and I benefited from every single question and answer.

Although I have doubted the timing of it all, being here in Melbourne the last eight weeks and getting to see, meet and be in the presence of Eckhart Tolle and Gabrielle Bernstein has been nothing short of amazing. This morning when I woke up, I felt so much lighter. I got connected with the Melbourne Spirit Junkie’s on Facebook and I reached out to a fellow Cali spirit junkie that has just moved to Melbourne.

2015 is off to a slow start around here but it’s off to a good start none the less.


2 thoughts on “An evening with a Spirit Junkie;

  1. Ahh Anna what an uncomfortable feeling it is to sit with being “unsettled”. Sadly this happens to us many times in our life and no one time is like the next. I wrote this post back in June midway through my overseas trip You can take or leave what you please from it. I will admit that I can be a hypocrite during tough times though and just had a reread myself.

    It’s so good to hear that the universe alligned you with some like minded souls last night and that you are reaching out today to get what you need from your journey here in Melbourne. I may need some suggestions from you too ,as you know I am starting a life here in Melbourne and away from my hometown. Will be good to connect with you this weekend.
    Hang in there!

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