Happy 3 months Melbourne!

Yesterday marked three months (90ish days) since I moved to Melbourne but the last 100 days have been a total rollercoaster of emotions. Before I moved across, I had doubts about leaving Perth, and then the minute I stepped off the plane, nothing felt more right. I spent the first two weeks just living it up in the city before moving to my new home. And then reality hit.

In my first two weeks (and three weeks prior), I had applied for over 50 jobs. I had one interview arranged, one meeting with a recruiter and dozens of letters of rejection.

Although I have a property valuation background, I was having no luck with any property development or analyst positions. Here I was thinking I would move over and do a number of temporary assignments for the first three months and then take a few weeks off. There were TONS of jobs advertised before Christmas and I was tailoring my CV and cover letter to suit each one yet I was having no luck.

In my third week in Melbourne, I thought I’d check online to see where my previous employer was located in Melbourne. I don’t think it was much of a coincidence that the office was five minutes down the road, situated on the same street I was living on.

Two days later, I was meeting the Melbourne directors, landing a job in 2 minutes and attending the annual Christmas party.

If I look at the summaries of November, December and January, life looks pretty good. I’ve done lots of exploring, catching up with friends and making the most of what Melbourne has to offer.

The last three months have been amazing overall, but they’ve most certainly come with some low points. There have been physical injuries, lonely days and nights, confusion and a whole lot of bad decisions made. But amongst all that, I look back on the last three months and feel so glad it’s all happened.

I know I doubted the timing of this move for the first two months but as I fly back to Perth tonight and I look back at my first three months in Melbourne, I can’t help but think it’s all fallen into place just right.


2 thoughts on “Happy 3 months Melbourne!

  1. You are so brave for taking a chance and as scary as it is you have survived, the worst is over now and its going to be sunshine and rainbows and tall dark handsome men moving into your street in no time! What luck with the job in the end, fate moves in mysterious ways hey, and that saying rings true its who you know not what you know!

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