The monthly round up: May;

First weekend of May, I had plans to move house on the Thursday night, go away on the Friday night &  spend the weekend exploring Bendigo. But when you trust an untrustworthy removalist, things don’t go to plan! So I ended up packing up as much as possible Friday night, driving out to Bendigo late Friday night, heading to Groovin the Moo all day Saturday and then driving back to Melbourne first thing Sunday morning for a 10am move. Exhausting? Oh yeah. Especially when sick!

But nature this time of year makes up for it all!


The streets of Bendigo

2015 lineup. So good.

2015 lineup. So good.

May saw me move into my 20th house in 25 years and most people have asked if this will be the last move for a while? Nope. I’ll sit still for a few months though.


There was one weekend where my friend Ashley hired a converted inner city warehouse and cooked dinner for 12 of us for her birthday. The space was so beautiful & the atmosphere was incredible. A whole bunch of strangers getting together & getting to know each other; it was something I really enjoyed.

Wanderlust 108

Wanderlust 108

We got ridiculously lucky with the weather one weekend. Especially on the Saturday for Wanderlust 108. The day started at 9am with a 5km fun run, followed by yoga in the park plus some meditation after. And because all that exercise wasn’t enough for one day, M & I went for a walk around Albert Park just as the sun set and it was just divine.

Albert Park Lake

Albert Park Lake

I’ve been a lover of mulled wine ever since my 2011 Melbourne visit (thank you Ponyfish Island) so when Urban List posted this article about where to find mulled wine in Melbourne, Maja, Matt & I did some bar hopping in the city. There’s seriously no better combo than mulled wine & Melbourne!

And I can’t let this month go by without mentioning the red velvet pancakes from Muharam Cafe in Hawthorn…


Other places visited this month: pelican, st kilda // monk bodhi dharma // einstein’s relative // top paddock // touché’ hombre // river land // rooftop bar // middle brighton baths // myrtle’s crepes // east end den // penny black

I’ve officially experienced two full seasons in Melbourne: summer & autumn. I’m excited to see how winter looks!

I love you Autumn!

I love you Autumn!


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