Quitting sugar for the third time;

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 5.50.01 PM

Raw treats from Pana Chocolate. My birthday treat this year!

Nine weeks ago, I decided to end my turbulent relationship with processed sugar. In 2013, I attempted to quit all forms of sugar which did not go too well. Then last year, I managed to go a few months with no processed sugar because life was good but then all of a sudden it wasn’t and sugar was back in my  life on a daily basis.

This year has been different though. I didn’t wait until Monday to quit nor a certain date. One conversation triggered me to just snap and decide then & there, it’s time to get rid of processed sugar. It was easy to make that decision that evening as I didn’t have any chocolates/biscuits at home at the time.

I’ve had a few friends ask me how long I’ll be quitting processed sugar for and at this stage, there’s no end date. I’m not looking to lose weight (that’s just a bonus), I’m aiming to have clear skin & consistent energy all day, everyday.

Will I eat chocolate/cake/biscuits ever again? Maybe. What I’ve noticed over the last nine weeks is that I have hardly any cravings for the things I used to snack on daily. I’m never going to be 100% sugar free. I will still enjoy salted caramel crepes from Myrtle’s Crepes every now & then; I will still treat myself to raw snickers slice from Naked Chicks; I will still eat green apples daily; I will still treat myself to Pana Chocolate (and raw desserts) when I please.

The difference now, I don’t rely on processed sugar to fill a void like I used to. If I’m feeling down, I’ll get outside; talk to friends; listen to music; go to the gym/sauna.

I’ve had a friends ask for tips on how to quit sugar so here’s a few things that I’ve learnt over the years that may help in some way:

  • Decide why you want to quit and keep that reason in your mind every time you’re making decisions. Sometimes when I see chocolate, I just think to myself how much it affects my mood/sleep and I’m able to walk away.
  • Chromium supplements are your best friend!! I use an Australian brand called ‘Eagle‘ which is available from many natural shops.
  • Find processed sugar substitutes. I used to make prune and nut raw balls – just be careful putting the prunes into the food processor as I’ve broken two so far (so called pitted prunes!)
  • If you get post lunch sugar cravings, add chromium to your diet, and try eating a green apple. Yes, apples have fructose sugar in them but it’s better than reaching for a chocolate bar or the cookie jar.
  • Pinterest is amazing for sugar free recipes and tips.
  • Check out Sarah Wilson’s books and ebooks. I love her IQS recipe book.
  • Choose to live (processed) sugar free everyday. So what if you had some cake last night, wake up the next morning and choose to make smarter decisions.

If anyone has any other tips, please feel free to comment!


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