Monthly Round Up: November;

Another day, another pop up! This time it was a pop up floating bar by the guys at Arbory. Other than Ponyfish Island, it would be good to have more permanent bars on the water because it’s so lovely being near the river on a warm afternoon.


Arbory Afloat


November felt like a massive blur. One minute I was in Sydney, the next I was sitting my CPV interview again (and failing…AGAIN), celebrating Claire’s birthday at Mr Miyagi, house hunting and then packing up my current place before two weeks in Hawaii.


Claire’s birthday dinner


Mr Miyagi – amazing food!

When I moved house for the 20th time back in May, I had no plans to move again this year but the joys of renting mean the owners can decide to sell at any stage. Lucky for me, I found a new flat in the same suburb with a lovely girl I got along with really well.


Matcha green tea latte + brekkie with my new housemate, Izzy


Strawberry picking with M


The Petty Officer, Albert Park


The usual, Penny Black Sunday Session

Now, holiday time!

Recommendations for the month: Urban Projuice // Green Cup // Le Petit Prince // The Petty Officer // Howler


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