Monthly Round Up: December;


Hawaii bliss!

After the most incredible two weeks of my life in Hawaii, I flew back to Melbourne and spent the night at C’s place before unpacking my new place and heading straight back to work (not the brightest idea let me tell you!)


Veuve pop up bar

I missed two birthdays while I was away so the first weekend back, I spent the Friday night with N, checking out the Pimm’s pop up garden at Bear Brass, Veuve pop up bar & the Royal Croquet Club. Just like the Noodle markets, the Royal Croquet Club is a great way to try food from different restaurants around Melbourne.

& because the night was still young, we got pizza and tried some new cocktails from Drugstore Espresso. I loved the ‘active wear’ one!


Christmas this year was a good one. I managed to call all my interstate friends & wish my parents a Merry Christmas before heading to a friends for a big Christmas lunch & then skyping my bearded man in Canada.


Paris & I with Pluto


Christmas spread

Post Christmas, I had three days to myself to unpack & get settled into the new place. The new place is bright & airy and it reminds me of a yoga studio; it also has the calming effect which is why I don’t want to go anywhere! It feels good to end the year on a much slower pace with nothing but feelings of calm & contentment.



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