2015: the summary;


As I’m sitting on the couch with a glass of bubbles in hand, a fruit & cheese platter on the table & music playing in the background with no intention of leaving my lounge room this afternoon/evening, I can’t help but think how much I’ve grown and changed this year.


Beach time – Meelup, South West Australia

I’ve always loved my own company but I’ve also celebrated New Years Eve somewhere different the last ten years…always in the company of friends. After spending three days just recently, settling into the new place, it made me realise that I needed more time alone which just happened to fall over the New Year long weekend.

If I were to pick two words that best described 2015, those two words would be ‘constant change’.

I’ve lived in four houses in a city I moved to in November 2014, changed job roles and valued in over 20 suburbs.

I’ve met so many incredible people, fallen in love, failed two verbal interviews, lost a good friend to suicide, celebrated an engagement in WA and a wedding in NZ, had countless visitors, gone on six road trips, visited Sydney twice,  Brisbane once & love has seen me fly to Hawaii at the end of the year.


Good friends, good conversations, good food – Brisbane

It hasn’t been the BIGGEST year of my life, I’d say 2014 was my craziest year, but 2015 was definitely the year I grew the most. This year, I got really clear on what I wanted to work towards & with the help of a day planner & whiteboard staring at me everyday, I achieved everything plus more.


Right before K got punched in the face – Piha, NZ

At the very start of 2015, I made a list of what kind of environment I’d like to be in, my dream room & place and as I was unpacking all my things in December, I found this list & it was crazy to realise the power of putting words to paper.


Dinner in a warehouse. So Melbourne!

2015 was the year I got really certain on what & who I want in my life. There was a period of mis-alignment in the first half of the year which saw me walk away from someone I had recently met & back out of travel plans for 2016. I hate going back on my word but I’ve always been a massive believer in trusting my gut and as I look back on 2015, I’m so happy with where I am today.


Xmas in July with my housemate, S


My aim for 2016? More stability in every aspect of my life. What’s your aim for 2016?

P.S you can see monthly summaries here: January // February // March // April // May // June // July // August // September // October // November // December




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