Monthly Round Up: January;

I welcomed the first day of January with some holiday planning, blogging & finally put my bucket list together, after years of having it scattered across iphone notes, emails & pinterest prompts. I’ve never been one for chasing material possessions but it’s interesting to stand back and see that not one item on my bucket list is something I want to own.

Things that kept me busy this month //

F45 Functional Training


If you haven’t tried it, I’m sure you would of heard of it by now. It’s 45 minutes of strength and/or conditioning type exercises with different classes every day, each class varies every week & there’s always new classes popping up. Perfect for someone like me who loves variety!

So Frenchy So Chic


Claire & I packed a little picnic hamper & made our way to Werribee Mansion for a day of champagne, crepes and french music. It was our first year of attendance but it definitely won’t be the last!


Andy Warhol & Ai Weiwei exhibition

Reason #10293 why I love living in Melbourne: there’s always cool stuff on! Niche & I headed to the National Gallery of Victoria one Friday night and had an absolute ball. Check it out for yourself, it’s on until April 24th.


Great Ocean Road Trip

After living in Melbourne for just over fourteen months, I was long overdue for the famous great ocean road trip. Claire & I timed it around Australia Day so we left the city on Friday afternoon and made our way to Warrnambool over four days before heading back to Melbourne on Australia Day.


Classic tourist photo in front of a few apostles.


The walk down to Hopetoun Falls. Yoga pose time!


Early mornings at Loch Ard Gorge


La Bimba in Apollo Bay have the best buckwheat pancakes.


Uncommon on Chapel Street. seriously good food.


Also, how cool were these racquets as part of the Australian Open?


And in all, a great start to the year I’d say!

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