Yosemite National Park;


Upper Yosemite Falls

One of the places we were both dying to go to was Yosemite National Park. We’ve both seen SO many pictures from this place but it’s all just so much more incredible in person. We spent a few days hiking and sitting by the fire at night.


We camped at Hogdgon Meadows which is approximately 30 mins drive out of the valley but it was an amazing ride into the valley each day so no complaints in that regard.

Trying to find free camping spots on the National Park Service website was near impossible so when I finally found a campground, I booked it immediately. My suggestion would be, if you wanted to make the most of your hiking time, definitely book something within the valley.


Mirror Lake

Another suggestion: research what hikes are available when you’re looking to go. I really wanted to do the Half Dome hike but we were there two weeks shy of that trail opening for the season. Massive bummer!


The view from the top of Upper Yosemite Falls


Tank top one minute; long sleeve and ski jacket the next!

We ended up doing the Upper Yosemite Falls hike which took us approximately 6 hours in total which includes stopping for lunch & a million photos along the way!

We also walked around Mirror Lake but made the walk SO much longer than we needed to by going off the trail and adding 2-3 hours that day. Haha, oops!


Mirror Lake

In total, we were in Yosemite NP for two full days and two half days either side (three nights). Three full days would of been ideal but really, I could of spent a week here and still not have done everything.


The Valley

Until next time Yosemite!

Motorbike roadtrip through California;

Last month, I flew to San Francisco (via LA) and hopped on the back of a motorbike for one hell of an adventure. In the space of two weeks, we covered 3,000 km’s by bike and 106 km’s by foot. We rode from San Fran to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park and then LA via the 101 & 1. From LA, we went east via Angeles Crest Highway and then made our way to Vegas via Joshua Tree National Park and Salvation Mountain.

Here are some of my favourite pics from the road trip.


The usual!


Biking around San Fran – such a good way to see the city!


The road to Lake Tahoe…when the forecast says snow, believe it!


Lake Tahoe as perfect as ever!


Exploring the woods near our campsite and we found this cabin!


The highlight of our trip: Yosemite!


The day we rode 515 km’s from Big Sur to LA. Look at Malibu though!


Eight years since I was last in this exact spot ❤


The view of LA from Griffith Observatory


So stoked to have spotted this on the trip!


Joshua Tree National Park


Skull rock at Joshua Tree NP


Salvation Mountain


Next up: full post about Yosemite!