BUCKET LIST (in alphabetical order)

  • Albany to Esperance road trip
  • Anna Bay (and Zenith Beach, NSW)
  • August Restaurant, NYC
  • Backpack through Europe (January 2011)
  • Banff
  • Balboa Park, San Diego
  • Barossa Valley, SA (July 2016)
  • Blue Lagoon, Laos
  • Blue Mountains, NSW (November 2017)
  • Burning Man
  • Burning Seed, NSW
  • Buy a beach house
  • Byron Bay (July 2013)
  • Cairns to Melbourne road trip
  • Campervan through Europe
  • Campervan tour through NZ
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver
  • Cook Pad Thai in Thailand (and make it the most mind blowing dish ever)
  • Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania (April 2017)
  • Dine at Breeze, Bangkok (rooftop restaurant)
  • Drink Pinot in Burgundy, France
  • Drink Champagne in Champagne
  • Drink Tequila in Mexico
  • Drive a Jeep Wrangler (December 2015)
  • Glacier Point, Yosemite
  • Float in the dead sea
  • Grampians, VIC (November 2016)
  • Halls Gap, VIC (November 2016)
  • Hidden Beach, Mexico
  • Hot air balloon over Melbourne city (October 2017)
  • India
  • Karijini National Park, WA
  • Lake Louise, Canada
  • Lake Tahoe (April 2016)
  • Look out over Rio from the Corcovado statute
  • Lucky Bay, WA
  • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
  • Machu Picchu trek
  • Moraine Lake
  • Morocco
  • Mount Tamalpais, San Fran
  • Move to Melbourne (November 2014)
  • New York in the summer
  • New York in the winter (January 2017)
  • New York in the spring
  • New York in the autumn
  • Noosa Hinterland (January 2018)
  • Panorama Ridge, Vancouver
  • Queenstown, NZ
  • Roy’s Peak, NZ
  • Runyon Canyon (January 2017)
  • Russia
  • San Fran to LA road trip (May 2016)
  • See the Painted Ladies, San Fran (April 2016)
  • Shibuya crossing, Tokyo
  • Shipwreck Bay, Greece
  • Sit in the bathtub at Thalia Haven, Tasmania
  • Skydive (December 2017)
  • Sleep in a bubble, France
  • Sleep in a Free Spirit Sphere, Vancouver Island
  • Sleep in a hanging tent, Germany
  • Sleep in a treehouse (Blue Mountains, Cairns, Seattle or Oregon)
  • South America
  • Spend a month doing yoga in Bali/Thailand
  • Spend a summer in Europe
  • Stay at the Ladera Resort, St Lucia
  • Stay in a log cabin (preferably with a fire place when it’s cold outside)
  • Swim in an infinity pool (October 2014)
  • Swing over the end of the world, Banos, Ecuador
  • Tahiti
  • Tamalog Falls, Philippines
  • Tasmania (April 2017)
  • Thailand
  • Trolltunga, Norway
  • Turkey
  • Treat my parents to an epic holiday
  • Twin Lagoon, Philippines
  • Visit the Gili Islands, Indonesia
  • Wake up on the beach (March 2013)
  • Watch the Northern Lights from a glass Igloo, Finland
  • Watch the stars from the trunk of a ute
  • White Christmas
  • Wineglass Bay, Tasmania (April 2017)
  • Wilson’s Prom hike (December 2016)
  • Yosemite National Park (April 2016)
  • Zero debt
  • Zorbing



6 thoughts on “B U C K E T L I S T

  1. It’s so great to have goals! New York is AMAZING and I can’t recommend it enough… you should definitely go in the Winter time, as close to Christmas as you can. It’s magical. And if your’e looking for the best high tea in Perth, head along to Rochelle Adonis in Brisbane St, Northbridge. It’s my favourite high tea. Amy xx

  2. 1. Start building a home for myself that I can see myself in for a good deal of time.

    2. Earn $250k in one year

    3. Take a First Class plane trip to either the US or Europe

    4. Skydive, anywhere.

    5. Feed 10 families on Christmas

    6. Buy a motorcycle

    7. Go from “consultant” to “manager.”

    8. Have a proper stock portfolio well and truly started

    9. Be able to drink coffee!

    10. Learn to cook some intricate dishes

    11. Start learning French

    12. Get a suit tailor made

    13. Get up to around 95kg and 10-12% body fat and maintain it.

    14. Go camping in Karrijini

    15. Get a dog

    16. Visit a traditional Buddhist temple in Tibet and maybe see if I can stay there a few days. I’m not Buddhist or religious, but their take on life is beautiful.

    17. Go see a big event like the Formula 1 in Monaco or World Cup in Rio – no real interest in either but the atmosphere would be unbelievable.

    18. Go to Vegas, and do it like a high roller!

    19. Go snowboarding in Canada or Switzerland and stay in a log cabin with a big fireplace!

    20. Start learning piano

    21. Have a foothold in starting my own, proper business.

    22. Import a classic car

    23. Bungee jump

    24. Write more.

    And last, but not least (a very lame one)

    25. Trust love again.

  3. This is such a fab idea, you sure have got me thinking. I’m going to do this and let you know when I’ve worked it out. Definitely loving the sponsoring a child in Cambodia, dream of mine too. And a helicopter ride on the GC (my home away from Perth) you’ll love it – do it! Thanks for the inspiration lovely xx

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