90 Day Game Plan;

Two days ago, on Monday 3rd February, I started a little challenge called the 90 day game plan.

The amazing nutritional cleansing program I discovered this time last year not only wants me to be healthy, they also want me to be financially free (and I sure as hell won’t say no to that!)

So what will I be doing over the next 90 days? I’ve gone into this challenge with a clear set of goals, milestones along the way & also a vision of what I want my life to look like in 90 days (come May 4th, 2014).

& taken directly from the business website:

Why Should You Use a 90-Day Game Plan?

Because, well, science. A clinical psychologist at the Dominican University of California, Dr. Gail Matthews, has studied goal achievement. Her research found that participants who wrote down their goals achieved significantly more than those who only thought about their goals.

And what’s more, the study also demonstrated the effectiveness of accountability and commitment. What does that mean? Participants who wrote down both goals and action commitments were more likely to achieve those goals. Better yet, participants who formulated action commitments, sent their goals and commitments to a supportive friend AND sent weekly progress reports to that same friend were the most likely to reach their goals.

– – –

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I’m excited for what’s to come!