16 Reasons You’re Succeeding in Life (Even If You Don’t Feel You Are);

One of my all time favourite blogs is definitely Marc and Angel. Their latest post about signs of success in life got me thinking about my life & how much I’m actually succeeding in (and it’s a pretty great thought!)

Here’s the quick list, the full post can be found HERE.

  1. You are walking your own path, not anyone else’s.
  2. You are gradually working through your fears.
  3. You have not let failure stop you.
  4. You learn something new and grow stronger every day.
  5. You have overcome some considerable obstacles.
  6. You do your best to love what is.
  7. You try to be as present as possible.
  8. You love yourself first, instead of loving the idea of everyone else loving you.
  9. You don’t judge people.
  10. You are the reason some people smile.
  11. You have incredible people in your life. .
  12. You have been selfless in your closest relationships. You have given up doing things for others out of guilt.
  13. You have given up doing things for others out of guilt.
  14. You aren’t overspending to impress or satisfy others.
  15. You respect yourself enough to never let anyone walk all over you.
  16. You know you can’t please everyone, and you don’t try.


How many of these 16 things can you agree with?


Want to get unstuck? Maybe it’s time to stop analyzing it.

“You can work out your family of origin issues, and neuroses, and past life traumas with your shrink or your shaman. You can talk talk talk it out all day long (I know, I’ve done it). You can trace the cause of your wounds and why you’re so stuck. But at some point, eventually, who cares WHY you’re stuck. Instead of focusing on how you got to where you are, you’ve got to shift your attention to where you’d rather be”.


– Danielle LaPorte

Top 20 TED talks of 2013;

I may be a little late on this list BUT it’s a list too good not to share!

Found on the TED blog, below are the top 20 most watched talks of 2013:

  1. Sir Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity (2006): 23,510,221 views
  2. Jill Bolte Taylor‘s stroke of insight (2008): 14,343,197
  3. Simon Sinek on how great leaders inspire action (2010): 14,228,854
  4. Brene Brown talks about the power of vulnerability (2010): 12,703,623
  5. Amy Cuddy on how your body language shapes who you are (2012): 12,682,694
  6. Pranav Mistry on the thrilling potential of SixthSense (2009): 12,068,105
  7. Tony Robbins asks why we do what we do (2006): 10,425,014
  8. David Gallo‘s underwater astonishments (2007): 10,266,221
  9. Mary Roach on 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm (2009): 9,435,954
  10. Daniel Pink on the surprising science of motivation (2009): 9.176,053
  11. Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense (2009): 8, 363,339
  12. Dan Gilbert asks: Why are we happy? (2004): 7,788,151
  13. Hans Rosling shows the best stats you’ve ever seen (2006): 7,685,726
  14. Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing your creative genius (2009): 7,593,076
  15. Steve Jobs on how to live before you die (2005): 7,223,258
  16. Susan Cain shares the power of introverts (2012): 6,807,240
  17. Keith Barry does brain magic (2004): 6,371,778
  18. David Blaine reveals how he held his breath for 17 minutes (2010): 6,359,084
  19. Pamela Meyer on how to spot a liar (2010): 6,256,589
  20. Arthur Benjamin does mathemagic (2005): 4,951,918

With that, time to get watching!


Date a girl who travels;

You may have seen a post floating about recently titled, “Don’t date a girl that travels” which basically says that a girl who travels is hard to please, she can’t hold a steady job, she’s wasted her college degree and switched her career completely.

I don’t agree with any of the above statements & I’m glad I found this little gem by Steph at Steph Abroad, exampling why you should, “date a girl who travels”

Date a girl who travels

“She is the one with the sun kissed skin and lightly scattered freckles. A sense of wellness radiates around her, paired with plump healthy skin and a twinkle in her eye.

Date a girl who travels. She is less materialistic. She doesn’t dote on possessions but rather treasured experiences. Expensive presents are unnecessary, rather give her photographs she can have with her at all times. She can see those that live with less, recognise the small fortunes of happiness.

Date a girl who travels for somewhere is always home. She values her time there and relishes hearing about normalcy even if it’s not long before her feet start to itchy again. She is proud of her hometown for it is a new city for someone else to explore.

Date a girl who travels. She is the hardest working woman you will know. She will most likely hold down 2 or 3 jobs to fund her adventures. Not to mention an entrepreneur turning her travels into an income source. She is smart and knows that these days employers find international travel favourable in future candidates.

Date a girl who travels for you will always be pleasantly surprises. She navigates unknown cities with a great sense of direction but also enjoys the spontaneity of getting lost.

Date a girl who travels. After many missed flights, wrong turns, delays, bad street food and bad restrooms to deposit said food, she is easy going and adaptable. She is prepared for bumps in the road literally and metaphorically. Life throws curve balls and she smacks them right out of the park.

Date a girl who travels because she is supportive and understanding. She is conscious you may not ever be as travel orientated as her but she will always be fun, take what life has to offer and help you do the same. As a bonus, she will put up with snoring and farting because she has shared a 20 bunk hostel room.

Date a girl who travels as she engages with worldly company learning the history, culture and behaviours of societies, which is sure to impress the parents. She is used to befriending strangers, thriving at conversation. She will always be open to meeting new people and impress at your work social engagements.

Date a girl who travels. She is independent, smart and strong. She will always be self-sufficient; never needy. She doesn’t believe in stage five clingers. She knows the rewards of good budgets and saving her money. She learns the ins and outs of how people live and has the kind of street smarts that will spot the sketchy looking guy a mile away before he pulls a “distract and go” scam.

Next time, join her. Travel bonds you”

Check out Steph’s post & leave her a comment!

Forty Days of Dating;


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Yesterday, a friend of mine got me hooked on the project ‘Forty Days of Dating‘ where two friends from New York decide to date each other for 40 days. I finished reading every post uploaded (so far) at 11pm last night and ended up screaming to the internet, I MUST KNOW HOW THIS ENDS! I won’t spoil it for those yet to read it but the journey over the past 27 days is pretty incredible.

I see certain qualities in both Jessica & Tim that I’m guilty of having. I’m a hopeless romantic; I believe in ‘the one’; I do crazy things for love (like skipping countries to be with someone without telling anyone else…including my parents); and when it doesn’t feel right & I don’t want to hurt their feelings, I slowly step away even though I HATE when it happens to me in return. I guess you could say I hate confrontation & on the receiving end, I rather not hear that they’re just not that into me.

Personally, I’d love to do an experiment like this but first…..I need to move to New York asap.

The Friday Letter;

My life isn’t very exciting at the moment, unless you want to hear all about property investment, property ownership and the technique to valuing property? Yeah, didn’t think so. Here’s my one letter for the week:

Dear SoCal (pictured above);

You kill me every time I think of you. From your beautiful coast line to your suburban streets. Even though I don’t want a McMansion, you make me feel like I do. I miss hanging out with the Irvine kids, going for drives along the coast, watching the sunrise from Malibu, driving through Beverly Hills, attending carnivals, sitting in the back of a ute as we drive through Yorba Linda, being accepted into any group I met.

If there’s anything that’s the key to my motivation at the moment, to work like a crazy woman and finish this degree as soon as possible, it’s you California. You’re never far from my wandering mind and you’re the last thing I think about every night.

I’ll be back soon, just let me get some things sorted out here.

Friday Letters- the rare edition;

I’ve been seriously lacking in the letters department the past two weeks but with all my uni assignments & tests now completed, time for some letters!

And this is how I study

Dear Property Investment Analysis;

You’re my favourite unit but also my hardest. Knowing there’s a 45% fail rate with this unit, I thought there was a typo with my results today. Please don’t let that be the case, I’ve never gotten 90% before! So chuffed.

Dear B (guy from work);

Yesterday, you tied my bag to my draw (not just any knot but a noose knot that I couldn’t undo- thanks a ton) but today, you outdid yourself by sending around an email to all staff from my desk and asking everyone if they wanted ice cream. Yeah REAL FUNNY.

Dear Corner Deli;

It’s the second day this week I’ve purchased ice cream from you (see above) and you probably think I’m a little crazy coming in & spending 5 minutes picking out dozens of ice creams but summer hasn’t even began yet and I have a feeling I’ll be the official ice cream runner for the next 6 months. Hope to be on a nickname basis soon!

Dear Ed Westwick;

Why are we not together? I mean, look at you. Reading is the most handsome thing of all.

 – – – –

If you want to see more Friday Letters, please click on the image below: