2015: the summary;


As I’m sitting on the couch with a glass of bubbles in hand, a fruit & cheese platter on the table & music playing in the background with no intention of leaving my lounge room this afternoon/evening, I can’t help but think how much I’ve grown and changed this year.

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2014 summary: what a year!

I remember sitting in my best friends kitchen on January 1st, mapping out the year ahead. I’m not one for goals but I made a priorities list & had a few places I wanted to visit in 2014. I’m super proud to say 2014 far exceeded what I thought the year would bring.

So here’s how 2014 looked for me:

Secluded beach all to myself; NYE celebrations with B; Raw Kitchen with K; Air Yoga hangs

JANUARY: Waiheke Island; road tripping to Matakana; hanging out with friends in NZ; Cavalia; 90’s themed hens parties; morning beach dates followed by brunch; coastal walks; Dunsborough adventures; nutritional cleansing; stretch and flex and lots of beach time.

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2013 was good;

2013 has been one hell of a year! I rang in the new year at a house party with a few days at the beach before starting summer school for 6 weeks. I passed 2 units which meant I could finish university in November 2013 instead of February 2014 like I planned (summer school was SO worth it!)




I had a few weeks off before starting 1st semester with 4 units, with a short visit to Brisbane/Gold Coast/Byron Bay in July & then 5 units in the 2nd semester. 2013 was a HEAVY year in regards to study. But I was on a mission to finish university in 2013 & I did it!


I still managed to get away down south in February for Kel’s birthday, a weekend in Jurien Bay in March, Broome in April with S from NZ/Cold Coast, a week in QLD in July, another weekend down south in November with some Isagenix girls & then Melbourne to celebrate end of uni, as well as Sydney & NZ in December. Travel is the reason why I push myself so hard with study. I needed to finish university as soon as possible because there’s so many places still on my list to check out.


It may seem like all I did was study & work with the odd holiday but my instagram certainly says something else! 2013 was the year that I made a massive health change. I cut out alcohol & processed sugar in January for 6 weeks and I experimented with making my own raw treats. Lots of new cafes popped up during the year & I ate a lot more raw than cooked food.  I made weight training a priority in September after concentrating on my diet for 6 months & I lost a significant amount of weight with these changes (less fat, more lean muscle).


My year can be summed up by how I chose to celebrate my birthday. 3 of my closest girlfriends came over to my house & we did a 12km walk for charity followed by a late breakfast at mine. This year was all about brunch & walk dates with friends & quiet nights in.


I didn’t make any goals for 2013, instead I had a priorities list. Every time I was faced with a decision, I thought back to my priorities & it kept me on track for the year! This year I only had 3 things on my priorities list & I achieved 2 & I’m on track for the 3rd (it was a big holiday for 2014).


2013 certainly  had a few sad moments but they all seem so insignificant now. The person I was on Jan 1st has grown so much  over the last 12 months (my parents would be so proud!) But more importantly, I’m proud of the decisions I made, the times I made the call to either fight or walk away because I look back on the year of 2013 & I’m 100% happy with where I am now.

There’s been a few lost friendships but the amazing new friendships I’ve gained far outweigh the losses. And the friends that continue to be there for me, year in year out, amaze me everyday. The fact that I can come back to New Zealand after not visiting for 2 years & living away for 7 years and still have the same people show up, time & time again, makes me feel pretty damn special! So many friendships were strengthened this visit & I can’t wait to be more available now that university is finished.

What’s in store for 2014? Stay tuned!