Favourite holiday?

I would have to say California in 2008. Even though I didn’t do half the things I wanted to, I got more than I asked for. I got to experience a completely different lifestyle that changed me for the better. 2 years on, still can’t forget how amazing it was.

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What does your ideal day look like?

I would wake up early and go for a walk & then do some pilates/ bikram yoga. After that, a swim at the beach to cool down followed by breakfast at a coastal cafe. I would read the paper, do some blogging and then do work related stuff (in the future, property). I would meet a friend for coffee in the afternoon, take the dog for a walk & then go home for dinner. The evening would be spent reading or spending time with friends, either at mine or theirs.

I can only dream right? One day.

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Why do you go out so much?

I used to go out every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday too. I don’t just go out to party and drink, if anything, it’s the opposite. Lately, all my mates have gigs on so i go for support every time because that’s the kinda friend I am. I’m usually the driver too so it’s not like i get drunk everytime.

But now things have calmed down and I’m only going out for birthdays, I’m staying away from gigs due to other reasons.

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