Dreaming of Elwood;

Every now and then, I look on realestate.com.au to see what’s available to buy or rent. With university finishing up in the next 6-8 months, I’m free to work and live where ever I please (the benefits of property valuation!)
Most days, I look at houses that are far beyond my reach (for now at least) but lately, I’ve been looking at what I can realistically afford by myself. I’ve never been an apartment kind of person, because where will my poor (future) bulldog live? But when I saw this little studio apartment in Elwood, Melbourne, my heart melted into a million pieces.
It’s situated on the first floor of a mansion, within 10 minutes walk of the harbour. It’s got beautiful high ceilings, so high that you can stand on the floor of the bedroom loft and still not touch the ceilings. 
I can’t stop myself looking at the photos online, imagining what kind of furniture I’d put in. After reading Sarah Wilson’s ‘Simple Home’ series, I would definitely apply the simple home principle to this wee place.

I am in loveeeee with the natural light!

Looking out to the entrance and bathroom


And the stairs up to the loft? No problems, I’ll just make sure my couch is super comfy to sleep on!

Dream home….it does exist;

[Image via Pinterest]

Remember how last month I said I don’t have a dream house? Well looks like I’ve found it! Located along the Spanish coast, facing the Mediterranean sea, this indoor/outdoor flowing home designed by Soler-Morató Architects just screams my name. From the coastal location to the study with nothing but the ocean in front of you, I am in love!

You can see more pictures here.

Pinterest: Dream House;

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When I first got Pinterest, I made a board labelled “Dream Home”. I was looking over that board today and it made me realise, there’s no such thing as one dream home for me. If I were to construct my dream home, it would be so mismatched and from a financial point of view, wouldn’t sell too well (thanks work for that knowledge).

I love too many eras and styles. I love the classic southern look, the weatherboard look, the indoor/outdoor flow, windows for days and houses that scream comfort.

Over the years, my taste has remained more or less the same but I’m still yet to find some photos of the ONE house I’d settle down in (it’s going to take a LOT to keep me in one place!) For now, I’ll have to describe it with words as best I can: it’ll be small but open, simple and minimal with great use of light. It’ll have more outdoor area than indoor, making the most of every season. I’m not sure which city or even country but all I know is, this is all you’ll see from the road:

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If cents were considered gold;

A couple of months ago, I spotted this house on the market (totally out of my price range but whatevz). It’s located 5 minutes drive from Fremantle Harbour with one of the most gorgeous views over the river. This week, I noticed it was still available for sale so I couldn’t help but  feature it on this blog. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll look back and think, “Oh that little old cottage?” But until then, fall in love with its beauty with me:

Imagine having breakfast here every morning? Oh my.

Even better, you could go outside!

Not phased by the view? How about a swim?

And around the house…

And from the street..

Is it obvious I was meant to live in the Mediterranean yet? Now just need to somehow come up with $35,000 per month to cover the mortgage for the next 30 years…

My biggest passion;

In between taking in hours of property related information, my brain turning to mush today, so my favourite lecturer showed us a video that blew me away (there’s a reason he’s my favourite!)

The video was about how can we fit more people into cities without overcrowding. Taken from the website, “Kent Larson shows off folding cars, quick-change apartments and other innovations that could make the city of the future work a lot like a small village of the past”.

The video was short but it gave a glimpse into the future and boy am I excited about some of the things being thought of & hopefully, available soon.

How does an apartment with moveable walls sound? Using your study as a guest bedroom or even a work out room? Or how about moving that room aside and making the dining room a big room for a dinner party?

If you have the time, I urge you to watch the video here and let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these little ideas I’m oh-so passionate about- sustainability & green living.

You can see more images of Kent’s plans here.

It was love at first sight;

Thank you Pinterest once again for linking me to beautiful architecture & interior design.

The Carpinteria Foothills Residencelocated 10 miles east from Santa Barbara in California, is situated on a hill overlooking the coast line with open plan living that screams ‘perfection’ to me. You can read more about it HERE because there’s no way I could describe the house as well as Dave from The Contemporist so I’ll let the photos do the talking.

The entrance

The view from the other side

Hallway/ Gallery….those floorboards ❤

The library….check out that stone wall!

The living area

I would happily cook in a kitchen like that

And finally, the master bedroom

More photos of the residence can be found here. I can’t decide which part of the house I love more: the kitchen or the master bedroom, I’m a sucker for views (if that’s not already obvious?)

 Now excuse me while I daydream about one day being a part of such a beautiful house, whether it’s designing something like that or living in it (a girl can dream!)


The day I truly appreciated architecture;

On Thursday, I was given the opportunity to walk through the Schmidt-Lademann House, a Iwanoff masterpiece for work. Before I stepped foot in that house, I wasn’t too phased by his other pieces (found here) but this was something else.

Some have gone as far as to say it’s the best house in the universe, I would have to say some parts of it is pretty amazing (valuing houses for a living sure doesn’t make you turn your head at the words ‘best house’). The property itself is located opposite a park with not much traffic passing by and the house falls below the road, making it pretty hard to look into majority of the windows from the street. The property has a high fence & security gate to the front, making it really private but this doesn’t ruin any of the views from the ground floor or upper level.

Built in 1959, extended in 1970 and again in 2004, there’s some parts of the house that really stood out for me. The lounge room, looking out over the front yard, in the photo below brought back some memories of New Zealand for me (I don’t know if it was the wood or the minimalist styling that was similar to a friends place). But just standing in that room, I felt a certain vibe about what kind of life you could make up living there. The glazing to the front made the room feel so bright, warm and just so relaxed.

The room (below) that joined the front lounge was known as the dining but it could double as an alfresco with its cedar lined ceiling and polished timber floorboards that were similar to the decking. This room had the lounge to the left and the pool and outdoor area to the right that was separated by a wall of glazing (my favourite!)

The outdoor area wasn’t anything special so I’ll move onto my next favourite: one of the bedrooms upstairs. It faced the road (although you couldn’t tell with its view) and it had so much natural light shining in, I had serious bedroom envy.

My last favourite part of the house was the latest edition around 2004, the master bedroom’s ensuite. One wall was stone & another was all glass with sneaky cupboards you can pop out. Ahhhhh, I didn’t want to leave!

Unfortunately, if you take away the furniture (which will be happening with the sale), the house will not even come close to the level of amazing it’s currently at. Whoever put that house together, complete with all the quirky art pieces and other pieces not posted above, I would like to give them a BIG round of applause.

What do you think of the house? You can see more photos here (where I got the select few above from).