Why I had to quit my job to start again;

Perth houses I valued < 3

Five months ago, I made this post, saying how I was quitting property valuations for the mean time. At the time, I had no idea what I would do next but I did not see valuations in my near future.

Leading up to that moment five months ago, I was feeling frustrated and extremely burnt out. Sure, full time work and uni for three years was tough but then going straight into studying for a valuers licence in the summer time wasn’t my idea of fun. I wanted a break to enjoy summer in Perth because I’ve literally been ‘go go go’ ever since I moved to Perth eight years ago. But I also wanted a pay rise so money won in the end.

New development inspections call for a mirror selfie!

My boss was right, getting my valuers licence was SO worth it. I got the time flexibility I so badly craved. I worked my own hours & worked from anywhere I wanted. But there was still something missing.

So October 2014, I quit my job. I went to Queensland and Bali, spent some time in Perth and then moved to Melbourne. I’ve had a love affair with Melbourne for over five years so the move was well overdue. At first, it wasn’t easy. I was seriously doubting the timing of the move, wishing I had stayed with the original plan which was to move at the end of summer.

But as luck would have it, I instantly got a job with my old firm, where the office was situated 5 minutes from my house. At first, I chose to work decreased hours, making the most of my weekends and weeknights. After doubting the timing of the move the first two months, all of a sudden there was a massive re-structure in the firm and a really desirable position was made available to me.

If I think back to March last year, I didn’t even want my residential valuers licence, but all of a sudden, here I am applying for my commercial valuers licence.

My work friends (and boss) in Perth will be extremely surprised to hear this but what can I say, a lot has changed in the last five months. A change of scenery here in Melbourne has been so good for me but I think I also needed a break to stop and think about why I was doing what I was doing and what it is I enjoy.

First place I got to value in Melbourne: a converted chocolate factory!

And as I was looking for other jobs in Melbourne, it made me realise how good I had it. Valuing properties gives me the time flexibility I need but also the holiday flexibility as well. Will I change my mind again in 12 months time? Who knows. What I do know is that I have an incredible opportunity in front of me here in Melbourne with four directors that are SO willing to help me in any way they can and that’s one awesome feeling!

2014 summary: what a year!

I remember sitting in my best friends kitchen on January 1st, mapping out the year ahead. I’m not one for goals but I made a priorities list & had a few places I wanted to visit in 2014. I’m super proud to say 2014 far exceeded what I thought the year would bring.

So here’s how 2014 looked for me:

Secluded beach all to myself; NYE celebrations with B; Raw Kitchen with K; Air Yoga hangs

JANUARY: Waiheke Island; road tripping to Matakana; hanging out with friends in NZ; Cavalia; 90’s themed hens parties; morning beach dates followed by brunch; coastal walks; Dunsborough adventures; nutritional cleansing; stretch and flex and lots of beach time.

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Last day as a Property Valuer;

When I was trying to decide whether to travel the globe or get a degree under my belt, I always knew one thing: whatever I study at university will be a stepping stone to future opportunities. I never went into Property Valuations with the intention of having one job in mind & that was it. In 2010, when I put my enrolment form in for Semester 1, 2011, I enjoyed a number of aspects of property. Growing up with my dad being a builder, I loved the process of it all. I loved all the different materials used & I loved seeing the finished product. I also loved the pre-building stage. From the ages of 10 until about well, now, I would constantly draw house plans. They varied as the years went on, going from massive houses to nowadays, simple layouts and good use of space (my ‘simple living‘ and ‘small spaces‘ pinterest boards are a good indication of that).

I always enjoyed design & architecture and NEARLY did an architecture degree but figured a business/property degree would be more broad first time round (there’s always time for a masters in architecture!)

In the first year of my degree, I got to learn more about passive heating/cooling & I thought, geez that’s pretty cool! & when my favourite lecturer showed us THIS Ted talk, everything changed. I grew up moving things in my rooms around ALL the time so the idea of having an apartment with movable walls was mind blowing & just pure genius. From that one Ted talk, I got more into sustainability, which led me to meet a Perth fellow greenie through social media who has started an Instagram page, Green with me, who I consider a dear friend of mine now. We can talk for hours about anything & everything and it’s pretty awesome exchanging house/electric cars/vegan food ideas/backpacking plans.

As I finish up in my current role as a Property Valuer today, something I’ve been doing for the last 3.5 years, I’m so grateful for the things I’ve learnt in this job & in my degree. Just because I won’t be using my Property Valuation qualification in the meantime doesn’t mean it was a waste of time. The things I’ve learnt over the last four years, the people I’ve met and the things I’ve had the time to do are priceless.

What am I planning to do next? Even I don’t know! But I’ll figure that one out 😉

The Ultimate Zen Hen’s Getaway;

When the message was sent out that Anna’s bridesmaids were planning a secret hen’s getaway south of Perth, I was all in. The bride to be had no idea where we were going & who was going to be there. As I went down early, I had to keep my locations and check in’s turned off and for a massive instagram addict, THAT was extremely difficult!

When I was shown the house we were going to be staying in prior to the road trip, I was in disbelief. That house is in Western Australia? And that view is real? I was dying to be down there to see for myself. And it sure did not disappoint!

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Are you?

If you were to get really honest with yourself, would you say you love what you do everyday? Especially the time you’re trading for money? The time that you will never get back. I have to admit, I do not love what I do.

I love talking to people; I love looking at gorgeous houses and apartments and seeing how people live and how they decorate their homes; I love being a little investigator when things do not make sense; I love the work flexibility that comes with planning your inspections to suit you.

But I don’t enjoy the early starts, late nights and the crazy timeframes from the banks. The properties that are impossible to get through. Crushing peoples properties dreams day in, day out. Being unable to take a sick day when you are actually so sick, you can’t sleep at night (but there’s properties to inspect and reports to send off and taking a sick day will just make it more stressful in the coming days).

Last week, a friend died doing what he loved and that was wing suit jumping. The most adventurous person I knew, it was something he’s been doing for years and the videos he captured on his go pro were nothing short of incredible. The day that I found out, I rushed out of the office and drove straight to the beach near his house. I stood on the beach and just watched the sun go down; this was the only thing that came out:

I’ve disabled comments on this post because I’m not posting this for sympathy (I don’t even want to talk about it). I just want this to be the 100th reminder that life is SO short. You may be excited to see someone in a few weeks & then all of a sudden, that moment never comes. Al had a massive impact on so many lives. A month shy of his 26th birthday, he had been and done so much in a short amount of time.

The most important message he had for the world, that he lived every single day was, “find the courage to pursue your dreams. Be passionate”. And here’s to exactly that Al.