A little something about distance;

When I first moved from Auckland to Perth back in 2007, I thought my life would be over (dramatic is my middle name by the way). I had been raised in Auckland ever since 1995 and even though I moved around quite a bit in my time in Auckland, all my friends were there. Being the first to leave was scary.

Moving away from familiarity and starting at a new school at the age of 16, when everyone was half way through high school was hard. I made some friends but gave into fear a few months later and ran away back to New Zealand. As in, told my parents the morning of my flight that I was leaving & caught a taxi to the airport (I didn’t last long in New Zealand).

At this stage, communication wise, it was the odd phone call back to NZ, emails and a ton of letters. Then in mid 2008, Facebook was starting to become a ‘thing’ so it between easier to stay in touch with friends. Eventually, things like Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime and Snapchat came along and staying in touch with friends all around the world became THAT much easier.

Over the last eight years, there have been numerous trips back to NZ and several to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to meet friends half way. I look back at how devastated I was to move away & realise the quality of my friendships has only improved over the years.

Yeah, it sucks not being able to just walk down the road and go see a friend but it makes holidays and reunions so much more special. Yeah, it is a little more effort to plan chats with numerous time zones but it really doesn’t matter if we chat every week or every month, the conversations always just flow.

As I’m sitting here with my life packed up into two suitcases and a few boxes, I think the second time round will be much easier. For one, I’m moving half way between Perth and Auckland so time differences will be a minor thing. And secondly, I’m now twenty four years old with friends scattered all around the globe, the hardest part will be deciding what city we will see each other in next.

And exploring the globe with friends excites me!

But if I was able to give a little advice? Treat each phone/skype conversation like it’s a physical date. Pencil it into your diary & have the wine ready! I cannot wait for all the dates to come:)

What’s an extraordinary life?

February 2013, someone called Peta Kelly turned on some lightbulbs in my life & my life has never been the same again (in the most epic way). I’m so excited to share her latest video which has been on repeat since its release a few hours ago (it’s THAT good!)

Check it out 🙂

Wandering Mind;


It’s all the places I’m still yet to see; New York in the fall; the ever growing list of friends on the East Coast of Australia; nights in by the log fire; photographing the world; having a place I call my own; small spaces; Malibu Beach; being back in New Zealand; wandering the unfamiliar streets; country life; summers travelling the coast; giving it all back to the ones that raised me.