Going backpacking through Europe for 10 weeks in the winter time changed me. I was twenty years old at the time but I think I learnt the lesson of detachment of ‘things’ pretty early on in life.

I came back to Perth and all I could see was clutter around me. I requested that family & friends no longer gave me ‘things’ but rather experiences if they REALLY had to (quality time is far more important to me).

I discovered The Minimalists and the Minimalist Living blog and every winter semester break, I would de-clutter as much as possible. I gave away books, magazines, clothes and shoes. I made ‘to buy’ lists before I purchased anything and I got smarter with my purchases. As I look around my room now, I am happy to say I do not have much that I don’t use.

So when I read about Natalie Jean’s pre-fall capsule collection, I was in. A capsule wardrobe is a mix and match of essential clothes that can be adapted for any occasion. And THIS blog post explains it all. Perfect timing with summer around the corner and September being a reasonably quiet month for cleaning and getting rid of more clutter, especially in my wardrobe.

FYI. If you search capsule wardrobe on Pinterest, there are HEAPS of ideas.

Has anyone else tried doing a wardrobe capsule or interested in doing one for summer?



Operation; Tidy my life!

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of my winter break, I made a list of things I wanted to do with my time off (because I’m a Virgo and we don’t stop and we certainly never stop making lists!) Well I’m approaching the end of my winter break and I feel like I’ve slept for the past 5 weeks (even though it doesn’t look like it!). Has it really been that long??

So I haven’t managed to cross off all the things off my list. Maybe I was being a little unrealistic saying I’ll read two books, but I did start one & I still have this weekend to finish it. I did however, get unpacking and cleaning and oh boy did I love it! Office Works became my best friend this break (sorry S!), I went a little nuts buying folders but here’s the end result!

Before: my life in boxes

Just a fraction of the rubbish & magazines from over the years

I got crafty with my favourite articles…

And I made my own magazine!

Complete with sections!

One big folder for all my journalism material

And the end result! ❤

Out of the 5 boxes, I have 2 yet to sort (that will be going into two very big files- all the travel stuff I’ve collected over the years and festival/concert flyers) and the rest has been put into files and photo albums. I feel so much better now!

Now, time to mentally prepare myself for the next semester of university…

Getting rid of 1,000 things

Earlier this week, Mark at Minimalistic Lifestyle posted a great idea about getting rid of 1,000 things over the summer.

While it’s not summer for us in the southern hemisphere, I am going to take up this challenge (as part of my 25 things to do before my 25th birthday) over the next few months, starting in June and ending in February 2013. That gives me approximately 9 months to clean up my life a little.

I’m going to count all objects but paper….I could get to 1,000 in a few days if I did that. Very sad but true.

Anyone else interested in taking up this challenge?