Just add water;

Port Beach ❤

This weekend here in Perth, we celebrated the Queen’s birthday with a day off work. After all the uni assignments and heavy work load last week, this long weekend couldn’t have come at a better time!

There was a lot of sleeping involved as well as sleep ins, dinner catch ups, spanish donut treats, morning & evening river walks + beach walks, seeing old friends, wedding talks, lunch dates, tanning, reading anddddddddd a touch of shopping for new work out shoes & clothes (now I’ve got NO excuse!)

The key ingredient to my happiness? Just add water.

Friday Letters….From where I’d rather be;

Dear confused brain;

I bet if my study had the view from the picture above, you wouldn’t be so confused right? Don’t worry, I’m giving you time & no limits to wander tonight, I hope that’s enough for now!

Dear Soundwave;

You’re not coming to Perth for another 5 months but tickets sold out within 2 weeks?? Absolute madness BUT I’m so glad I was given the chance to get tickets on the second release. Watch out Sum 41, The Offspring, A Perfect Circle, Blink 182 and Linkin Park (just to name a few), the Rock chick in me has never died!

Dear JR;

So I’ve seen you around, on all the billboards in Perth, selling pretty houses and stuff. I also valued your new house the other day and you know, if you’re ever looking for a good little wifey, I’ll be more than happy to fill that role. Holla!

Dear M;

You’ve been away in the U.S for the past 4 weeks and I thought I was going to go mad without you around. But seeing you last night and talking for two & a half hours made me realise I’m never ever letting you go! Good friends like you are near impossible to come across ❤

– – –

Happy weekend all! You can click the photo below to see the rest of the Friday Letters from this week.


Another one of those nights;

When you meet someone who is inspiring, motivating and brings out the best part of you, hang onto that person with your dear life! I have a few of these people in my life, Alex being one of them. Our conversations are never less than an hour long, my excuse to go this time was the fact it was past midnight and I had to be up in six hours. He moved to Melbourne last month so we were touching base about the move, plans for the next few months and everything in between (religion, politics, culture, family & health….we’re never short of conversation).

I love those conversations, the ones that go deeper than the ‘what’s new with you’ and ‘how’s work’. The ones where you’re confessing things you have only thought to yourself before. Those conversations reveal your insecurities and vulnerability but that makes it all worthwhile when the person on the other end treasures the trust you’ve placed on them. There’s really no better feeling than comfort sometimes…..funny concept when they’re miles away huh?

Presents from T;

Yesterday, I got an early birthday parcel from T over at Fashtastic. Her ability to make cards never ceases to amaze me (I wish I had photos of all the other birthday and christmas cards she has made me). So thank you Tina for my awesome card that hints at my amazing present…

Bird print scarf!

Now, to try some of these creative ways to tie a scarf…


What do you do on a quiet Friday night in?

Plan a round-the-world trip of course!

Leaving Perth on the 15th of November, flying to Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London (for christmas, of course!), New York (for New Years), LA, Sydney (for Australia Day) and then back to Perth on the 31st January.

Now…..to get saving for next year!

Sudden urge to Skydive;

Click photo for source & someones experience

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it enough but I LOVE heights. When I was backpacking through Europe, I made sure I climbed the tallest tower in every city. Being so high up and seeing a place just run for miles is so breathtaking. And you can bet I try fly during the day as much as possible so I get to see the city I leave & arrive in, the view never gets boring (even flying in & out of such a small city like Perth).

This year, I went on my first helicopter experience, flying over the Perth CBD and now, I’ve made it my goal to do one over Sydney and the Gold Coast of Queensland. But my love for heights has only deepened this year…..now I have a sudden urge to go Skydiving, something I never thought I would do.

This sudden urge to go Skydiving may have something to do with my change of thinking this year. Amongst the books I’ve read, the blogs I’ve browsed and the captivating quotes I’ve seen on various social media sites, fear no longer controls my life. My desire for control and plans has gone out the window and instead, I’ve adapted a care-free attitude that is more accepting of change and the unknown.

And what better place to go Skydiving than over a beach like Byron Bay? The combo of heights & water/coastline pretty much sums me up as a person.

Now, all I need to do is convince my best friend S to jump with me!

The Windsor Hotel;

Garden area, Windsor Hotel

Whenever I have friends visiting me in Perth, I make sure to bring them to the Windsor Hotel located in South Perth.  It’s my favourite pub in Perth because it offers so much variety. There’s the garden area as seen above and below, where the sun always manages to shine. You may remember, I had my 21st birthday celebrations here last August.

Walking up to the back garden bar

Then there’s the front bar that actually looks like a high end bar, it has couches and a fire in one corner, TV’s and high tables and then tables outside.

Source: Click the photo for more

And then there’s the new section, known as the ‘Verandah Bar’ as seen below:

Source: Click photo for more 

Plus, there’s also another function area, restaurant, indoor bar AND a few function rooms. This place, has it going on! If you’re not convinced yet, surely this salad will:

Chicken ceasar salad