Sustainability: The Global Agenda;

A few weeks ago, I went to an academic lecture at my university with a fellow sustainability nerd. Professor Peter Newman spoke for an hour about some surprising facts that got me a little too excited about what’s to come in the future. You should of seen Kat & myself pretty much squealing at some of the things that were discussed….like I said, total nerds.

Some interesting things I learnt?

– Power reached its peak in 2008/2009

– Car use peaked in 2004 in the US and Australia

– Between 2001-2009, car use has gone down 23% for 16-34 year olds

– The US & The World Bank will no longer be funding coal stations (WOOOO!!!)

Professor Newman mentioned a very interesting point. Car use and ownership amongst the younger generations isn’t seen as important as it was for our parents. The reason behind this is because when driving, we are disconnected from social contact (I’ve always been one to kill two birds with one stone by catching public transport as much as I can if it means using that time to get back to some emails or check in with international friends). We are seeing more and more people not owning cars, instead living and working in one area or using bikes & public transport to get around.

If you want to be inspired, just look at some of the things on Pinterest under ‘sustainable cities‘; there’s some beautiful ideas and plans underway! & if you want to hear the full talk with Professor Newman, check out the youtube recording over here.

Do you know any interesting things your city is doing to be more sustainable?