Week of sunshine

Karratha was beautiful! Everyone I’ve spoken to instantly dismisses the place for it’s mining culture aka too many guys with too much money (also known as ‘cashed up bogans’) but you know what? There’s more of them on one street in Perth than the whole town.

I really liked the town. It’s a small community, everyone was really friendly and it’s definitely a place I could live in, who knew?

Here are some pictures I got:

Dampier, located 30 minutes away from Karratha

Out in Dampier on the first night

Look over Karratha from a nearby hill

Point Samson, 45 minutes drive away from Karratha

Drinking at the Point Samson pub where the girl to guy ratio was 1:6 and I was the most overdressed by far

The hotel we stayed at….sure doesn’t look like we’re in the middle of nowhere!

Breakfast on the last day where I ate so much I felt sick for 3 and a half hours after….not good!

Now I’m back in Perth and freezing!! The trip was good while it lasted. Hopefully there will be another one soon!

Next stop: Karratha

Early tomorrow morning, I’m flying up to Karratha with my boss and one of the directors. Karratha is a mining town in Western Australia, 2 hours west of Port Hedland:

We’re going up for four days to do 600 residential valuations for a mining company. I’m excited because I’ve only been with the company for two months but I know it’s going to be hard work, 5am starts and everything.

The weather forecast for Karratha this week says 29 degrees and sunny everyday so it’ll be nice to escape the Perth winter (not like there’s much of it) but I’m having a hard time deciding what clothes to bring- typical girl problem.

I do know what I’m definitely bringing: my camera! I hear that Karratha is beautiful at dusk and dawn…the times I’ll be up so thought I may as well make the most of it!