The monthly round up: March;

March was another good month. I started valuing houses again & boy are the houses here amazing! I flew up to Brisbane for a few days to attend the Isagenix annual conference, got all dolled up, ate good food & saw my bestie, S at Jamie’s Italian. Our 2nd visit together, my 7th visit over 3 restaurants (a little obsessed!)

Gala night with my russian sister <3

Gala night with my russian sister ❤

The Communal, Brisbane CBD

Jamie's Italian, Brisbane

Jamie’s Italian, Brisbane

My parents came over from Perth for a week & we went up to the 88th floor and I think this is where they fell in love with my city.

Eureka Skydeck

Of course, their Melbourne visit consisted of trying some new places with me (duh).


The Stables of Como


Cecconi’s on Flinders Lane

Other places visited in Melbourne this month: campari // who’s harry // MoVida // othello // doughboys doughnuts // entrecôte // two birds one stone // drugstore espresso //bar none

My brother from another mother, M got married in NZ so it was another long weekend away for me visiting friends & family.

Reunited with H <3

Reunited with H ❤

99% of the time I'm in gym clothes. So good to be back with K!

99% of the time I’m in gym clothes. So good to be back with K!

Wedding ready!

Wedding ready!

After so many long weekends away from Melbourne the last few months, I flew back to Melbourne not wanting to leave any time soon. For the first time in what feels like 10 years, I don’t have any trips planned and you know what? I don’t mind. Moving to Melbourne just under six months ago is a holiday in itself. So many places to explore and so much food to get through 😀

No place like NZ;

NYE on Waiheke Island

As I sit here & write this back in Perth, I look back on my NZ trip with a big smile on my face. It was my 6th time back in 7 years & it was most definitely my favourite time too.

I spent 9 days with one of my closest friends, Kse; going on road trips, doing bush walks, doing group dinners & drinks, dancing our little hearts out, looking at christmas lights & of course, christmas & boxing day celebrations. Since I haven’t been back in 2 years, our 9 days together went past SO fast.

Once Kse left, I did a few road trips with other friends, spent the night out at Piha Beach, celebrated New Years Eve and just enjoyed every minute of my time in NZ. The weather was absolutely perfect this time as well (unlike my previous summer return where I got rain for 2 weeks!)

View from the Sky Tower

I ended my trip with a day spent with an old friend, some height satisfaction from being up the Sky Tower & then dinner + drinks in Ponsonby (my new favourite Auckland spot). As I waited for my taxi in the early morning, I did consider just missing my flight like I did the last time. On more than one occasion, I felt like I lived back in Auckland. Even after 7 years, I slotted myself back into things there & it felt like I had never left.

View northwest from the Sky Tower

Every trip back is so different but with the number of friends I really bonded with this time, it made me feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. Until next time NZ!

NZ highlights 2013;

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks enjoying every single minute of my time in NZ. Because I haven’t been back since January 2012 & my best friend was only around for my first 10 days, we were trying to fit in as much as possible in the first half of my visit. The weather was nice to me (for once) so there’s been lots of beach visits & time outside.

Here’s a few pics of my highlights so far:

En route bush walk in the Waitakere Ranges

Handstands with gorgeous back drops

Catching up with old friends at the usual bar


Tequila fun with my girlfriends


Getting ready with the girls for Z’s wedding

Going down to The Mount with my bestie for the first time in 6 years & climbing the mountain for the first time in 8 (!!) years

Being surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes everywhere I go

Looking at christmas lights on Franklin Street

Spending christmas night with my friends

Days out at Piha, going for walks & admiring this view

Nights spent at Piha with good food & good company

Camping in the Coromandel & walking up to this! Still love you NZ!

I’ve spent majority of my time in Auckland, with a few days out at Piha, 2 days at Mt Maunganui & 2 days on the Coromandel Coast. I’ve had the most welcoming visit, I tend to forget I’ve been gone nearly 7 years because I have so many solid friendships here (but I’ll save the big write up about my trip until the end).

Tonight, I’m relaxing at home (well my NZ home) before a big new years eve day tomorrow & a few days away up north. Wishing everyone the best new years eve celebrations!

Fast forward 5 years;

On the 1st of March 2007, I moved from Auckland, New Zealand to Perth, Western Australia. I was quite happy in New Zealand, I was with a guy I loved and I was surrounded by my childhood and high school friends. So when my parents decided to move 5,000km’s away from that, I was a little pissed.

I acted like your typical out of control teenager: I didn’t come home for days on end, I didn’t tell them where I was going, I refused to talk to them on a number of occasions and I even skipped countries a few months after the move (which only lasted 4 weeks until I came crawling back).

Now fast forward to 2012, I am finally on track. I’m working and studying, I have a great relationship with my parents and so it turns out, the move wasn’t the end of the world.

Since moving, I’ve been back home 5 times and every time I go back, everything feels the same. Sure, my friends have grown up, some have drifted away and some new ones have appeared, but all in all, everything has remained fairly constant.

The move turned out to be the best thing for me as it made me reassess what I was doing & who I was hanging out with. I was on a dangerous road down & I’m glad I had a second chance. So here’s a task for you:

Make a list of everything you’ve achieved in the past 5 years and write down what you want out of the next 5 years. I can guarantee you will be amazed at what you have accomplished already!

NZ 11/12

Piha Beach, West Auckland

When I was in Auckland (my hometown), I went to my favourite beach Piha, hung out with friends, had drinks, dined out at cute cafes and restaurants, went to new bars and generally, just did a whole lot of relaxing.

Piha sunset

Boxing Day BBQ with my close friends

On our way to my leaving drinks with my best friend S

A cute new bar near the city called Neighbourhood Brew

It was good to be home, to see all my friends, and actually catch up with most one on one because the last time I went back in July, it was for a very short amount of time.

It’s been nearly 5 years since I moved to Perth and I’ve never gotten over that homesick feeling. I miss NZ everyday and always think about moving back. I’ll wait until I finish uni because there’s no point in moving half way through. I just don’t know how I will survive the next 3 years at uni being this homesick!


When I was in New Zealand last week, I walked around my old neighbourhood, Lynfield. I lived in the area for 9 years and went to primary, intermediate and high school there. It’s a small suburb but just walking the streets, it was bizarre to realise I had been inside majority of the houses on the streets.

I used to walk to school for 9 years so it was like a trip down memory lane. Not a lot has changed but the houses that did get rebuilt, don’t fit in with the suburb which makes me sad as a person and a property critic.

Here’s some pictures of Lynfield:

The main shopping area

The park near my first house in Lynfield where I spent my childhood

One of my favourite houses in the area, it’s so simple and every bit of it reminds me of home

My old street, the first of the two houses we lived in, in the area

The second street in Lynfield that we lived on. I spent so much time hanging around outside, talking, laughing and arguing with friends over the years

One of the new things about Lynfield, the bus stops!  I love how much it symbolises New Zealand.

Auckland City

I’ve grown to really love Auckland. It’s been just over four years now since I left and returning four times since, I’ve fallen in love with the place even more every single time I come back. This time, it was the middle of winter and everyone thought I would hate being back because it’s so cold and miserable but you know what? I loved every minute of it!

After traveling Europe in the winter time, I don’t mind the cold. I love the rain, because of it, New Zealand is so green! Here’s some photos of the city:

The view from a friends house in the suburb of Hillsborough

The view from a friends house in the inner city suburb of Grey Lynn

The character homes in Grey Lynn ❤

The lush grass! 

The streets of Grey Lynn

The drive up Mount Eden

The view from the mountain of the suburb Mount Eden, I would love to live here in the future!

The view of the city from Mount Eden

Walking Distance

This weekend, one of my best friends moved down the road from me. Me, being the geek that I am, calculated it on google map: she’s 950 metres away. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I grew up living 2 minutes walk from my best friends in NZ so I guess this reminds me of home in a way.

But perfect timing as always. We received our building certificate…..six months later! So looks like we will be moving around August- September as planned, that’s if no freak weather moments happen between now and then that puts another delay on our house being built.

Until then, I’m going to make the most of living 2 mins from one of my best friends, 5 mins from uni & 10 mins from work.

My hometown

Although I wasn’t born here, I moved to Auckland when I was five and wouldn’t consider anything else to be my home. My friend is moving to Auckland next month & just found a place to live today. It made me pull up a map & I realised it’s been a long time since I’ve looked at a map of Auckland.

I work with maps all day everyday at work so I’m very used to seeing Perth city so looking at Auckland was a refreshing site. It’s so much smaller than I remember. That ‘A’ is where I used to live. I zoomed in and just looking at all the streets, made me think back to growing up. All my friends lived within 2 mins drive in the same neighbourhood. But back then, we didn’t drive, we either walked or rode our bikes.

Auckland is a massive part of who I am & talking to N last night made me appreciate it so much more. It’s only a matter of time until I move back. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll settle down in New Zealand, there’s just a few things I have to do first.

See if you can spot Piha on the map above!

Memories of New Zealand

N, B & I- January 2006

Tonight I had a long conversation with my friend N in New Zealand. I refer to him as The Canadian because ever since we first met, on the first day of high school in 2004, I’ll never forget the first thing he said…”Does anyone have a pun?” (pen). Funnily enough, he still sounds Canadian now.

It was one of those conversations where you speak about anything and everything. We spoke about work, uni, surf life saving, training, relationships, family traveling, money, experiences, friends, ex friends, music, religion, mistakes and much more. He’s probably one of my truest friends, the one that has remained a constant in my life since the beginning of high school and talking about our future and where we want to be, he’s the kind of person that no matter where he is in the world, he’ll always be a good friend.

He’s going to Europe just before I fly home to NZ in July which is really sad because I was looking forward to going down to Piha for a few nights with him like last summer but I guess that will have to wait until this summer coming.

Here’s some photos from last summer (January 2010) when we went out to Piha, located on the West Coast of Auckland, New Zealand.

I spent most weekends throughout high school going down to Piha, a 40 minute drive from the city. In the summer of 2005/2006, I did life saving here with N & we spent all weekend staying at the surf lifesaving club house. Every summer, I used to come down here for a week or so and just relax.

I’ve grown up dreaming of owning a holiday house down here, looking over these photos only deepens my desire to return and one day be able to look out my own beach house window and see this exact view. Until then, I’ll just lease houses down here.

I can’t wait until my New Zealand summer coming up.