Monthly Round Up: December;

Sorrento walks

Last month of 2014 and it was my second month in Melbourne. In December I explored Parkdale, Sandringham, Black Rock, Beaumaris, Sorrento, Shelley Bay, Portsea, and Elwood Beach. My friends and even I wondered how I would survive, living away from the WA coast and turns out, I’m surviving just fine! The beaches south of St Kilda Beach are quite lovely. Especially on the Mornington Peninsula.

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Are you?

If you were to get really honest with yourself, would you say you love what you do everyday? Especially the time you’re trading for money? The time that you will never get back. I have to admit, I do not love what I do.

I love talking to people; I love looking at gorgeous houses and apartments and seeing how people live and how they decorate their homes; I love being a little investigator when things do not make sense; I love the work flexibility that comes with planning your inspections to suit you.

But I don’t enjoy the early starts, late nights and the crazy timeframes from the banks. The properties that are impossible to get through. Crushing peoples properties dreams day in, day out. Being unable to take a sick day when you are actually so sick, you can’t sleep at night (but there’s properties to inspect and reports to send off and taking a sick day will just make it more stressful in the coming days).

Last week, a friend died doing what he loved and that was wing suit jumping. The most adventurous person I knew, it was something he’s been doing for years and the videos he captured on his go pro were nothing short of incredible. The day that I found out, I rushed out of the office and drove straight to the beach near his house. I stood on the beach and just watched the sun go down; this was the only thing that came out:

I’ve disabled comments on this post because I’m not posting this for sympathy (I don’t even want to talk about it). I just want this to be the 100th reminder that life is SO short. You may be excited to see someone in a few weeks & then all of a sudden, that moment never comes. Al had a massive impact on so many lives. A month shy of his 26th birthday, he had been and done so much in a short amount of time.

The most important message he had for the world, that he lived every single day was, “find the courage to pursue your dreams. Be passionate”. And here’s to exactly that Al.


Here’s to 2014;

They say that the cure for anything is salt water & this right here, is my happy place. After 11 hours of flying/running/nearly missing a connecting flight, it was good to have a few hours on this beautiful piece of coast before I went back to work the following day.

2014 is going to be a big one for me. With university all done now, I need to get my residential & commercial valuers licence work wise & somehow fit in all the holidays I have planned. I’ve got a little side business going on which I’m putting in as much effort as possible this year (more on that later). I’m in this place where I want to share more but it’s still early days with a few things so I guess, all in good time!

In the mean time though, I’ll be making the most of Perth & the West because if there’s one motto for 2014, it’s this: find the beauty in everything.

Lately….because it’s been awhile;

With 2013 being my last year of uni & March being one of the busiest social months as of late, I’ve really ditched the blog. I’ve wanted to sit down numerous times but when the clock says 11:15pm and writing wakes up my brain, I’ve had to tell myself no….as hard as it has been. I think 2013 blog wise, this little writing space of mine will be filled with monthly summaries and the occasional post that is too special to fit in with the said summaries.

So here’s the March summary. Property Finance, Property Development, Property Economics and Specialised Property Valuations at uni. Lots of family court jobs at work as well as development potential valuations that have gotten me excited beyond words. Beach swims with old friends. Pool swims. Soundwave Music Festival where I got to see Sum 41, Garbage, Blink 182 & Cypress Hill. Sculptures by the Sea in Cottesloe. Breakfast dates with big sis. Hen’s Party. Airport pick ups. Steak Nights. Quick lunch catch ups with big sis before she flew out, next home visit unknown. Fishing at Wedge. Sets on the Beach with Hermitude and DJ Lord. The end of something. Work Drinks. Wedding. Dinner from high places. Easter Long Weekend.

Here’s a few snaps that make March the unforgettable month it was:

Garbage at Soundwave Festival

Sculptures by the Sea…I went on the very first morning and it wasn’t quite ready!

Pool hangs with K


Breakfast at Gordon St Garage with big sis

River walks that help recharge my batteries

He was pretty yummy 😉

There’s nothing quite like waking up on the beach & hearing the ocean crashing nearby

DJ Lord at Sets on the Beach, Scarborough

Witnessing the marriage between two dear friends- magical!

Dinner from the 33rd floor; C Restaurant


Phew. It’s been a big month! April, can you please be a little quieter for this introvert?

Weekend away: Margaret River;

With four days off work & nothing keeping me in Perth last weekend, I packed up my car and headed down to Margaret River. I booked my Sunday night accommodation in Gnarabup on the Friday night but didn’t actually have anything booked for the Saturday night until 30 minutes before leaving. Yeah, talk about last minute!

I thought I’d escape the heat of Perth but no such luck! So instead I made the most of it: I spent the weekend at Prevelly Beach, soaking up the sun, having lunch at The Cheeky Monkey Brewery (their ‘Howler‘ pizza is to die for!), watching ‘Argo‘ at Cape Mentelle (movies in a winery), enjoying a thai salad at The White Elephant cafe, hanging out with a kiwi and some Queenslanders at Surfpoint (backpackers by the beach) and of course, no trip down to Margaret River is complete without a few winery stops!

I always stop by Evans & Tate which is located on the corner of Metricup Road & Caves Road (I picked up a bottle of the pink Moscato) & this time, I stopped by a new winery called Island Brook Estate which the kind lady at Evans recommended for sweet reds (I also got a bottle of the Rose`).

Here’s a few pictures from my instagram from the weekend:

The gorgeous marquee for the bar area

Waiting for the sun to set..

And the beach?

I could of watched the waves for days!

New traditions;

I’ve been feeling pretty down this past month, thinking about my current stand still situation & how I’m not spending my Christmas back home (in New Zealand). But on Christmas Eve, things changed. Last minute, I got home from work & drove down to the beach where some friends were meeting for dinner. It wasn’t anything special, just the easiest things we could find at the local supermarket but it was a good night. We talked, we laughed, we watched the sun go down and then we went to a friends house nearby where I had a little bonding session with two other kiwi’s not only from Auckland, but from one suburb away from where I grew up (craaaaaaaaazy small world!)

And you know what? I had a great time on Christmas Eve & then again meeting up with some girlfriends on Christmas night. Maybe Perth isn’t so bad! (lets not talk about the 42 degree weather though).

Christmas Eve with some friends

Christmas night

Reunited in Bondi;

My best friends ❤

No matter how many days I schedule for Bondi, it never seems to be enough. I spent 4 days in Bondi this time but I’m starting to think I’ll need a few months to feel satisfied. Waking up to that gorgeous bay could never get tiresome (just ask Eugene, who takes photos down there every single morning!)

My friends started arriving Saturday afternoon and before long, we had a bucket of sangria in our room that was all polished off (solid effort!) We stayed on the main strip so we just had to walk outside to get something to eat (we went to a Bavarian cafe that had yummy meals and plates to share which were also really well priced).

The weekend was spent eating, drinking, checking out new places and just being around each other as much as possible. Nothing about the weekend was planned other than our accommodation and it was nice to be able to just take our time waking up, eating breakfast around noon and laying on the beach on Sunday afternoon with no rush to go anywhere.

One friend left on Sunday night and the rest of us parted ways on Monday. The tears weren’t there this time (for anyone) and I guess it’s because we’re all one plane ride away from each other and the time between catch ups will never be too far apart. As one friend talks about stopping by Perth later next year, another two friends are just waiting to announce their moving dates (to Australia). Yeah it sucks not having your best friends by your side when all you want is a cuddle but I sometimes forget how far away they are with the amount of text messages, skype calls and phone calls that are exchanged between us.

It’s been nearly six years since I moved across the ditch but as we have gotten older, it has gotten easier to arrange these trips now that we’re all working full time. The next trip seems a while away but if the past year is anything to go by, it’ll be here in no time.

I’ll never get sick of this view!

Pre-breakfast walks along the coast


Sangria: backpacker style!

Coming up: a post about places to eat and drink at in Sydney & Bondi