Monthly Round Up: August;

August was good & bad. I spent half the month (as well as other months) studying for a really important verbal interview for my career development only to not pass (but not quite fail). Sad face. Lucky I get another opportunity to sit the interview again in three months time so I gave myself half the month off from study and it was bliss!

All for $25 from Wonderland on Chapel Street. YUM

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It was my birthday yesterday & I filled it with all my favourite things; starting with nutella & strawberry crepes for breakfast, a hair appointment with my good friend D (who doubles as my hairdresser) and then lunch in Fremantle with Kel;

We went to The Monk where we sat in the sun, enjoyed garlic prawns for entrees, chicken salad (me) and goat + pasta (k) with some delicious organic ciders and white wine. Mother nature is always so good to me on my birthday!

And of course, no trip to Fremantle is complete without a wander through the markets! K got four mini cupcakes & I tried red velvet cupcakes for the first time and there’s been a reason why I haven’t eaten them before….I KNEW I would become obsessed! Now I just need to stay away from the little cupcake store until next year….

A friend recently got a job at T2 & I’ve been waiting until she worked a Saturday before making a purchase, the shop is extremely overwhelming and hard to resist buying everything for a tea lover such as myself. I picked up the ‘gorgeous geisha‘ which is a green tea with strawberry pieces as well as a mug that has a removable infuser (in the lime shade of course). The tea smells divine but unfortunately doesn’t taste as good as it smells 😦

For dinner, I went to my favourite Italian restaurant, Spaghi, which is a family run business that my family & I have been going to for the past 5 years (since we first moved here!) It never disappoints! I have the same meal every time, the creamy chicken and broccoli pasta (pictured above).

And of course, no birthday is ever complete without a bouquet of roses (boys, take note!)

This year, I went for the low key option. With so many friends away, either living abroad or travelling, I wasn’t in the mood to go out partying. It was a good birthday none the less; I got showered with so much love, I’m so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life!

Forever 21;

Champagne: my biggest weakness [August 2011]

Tomorrow marks the last day of being twenty one & what a year it’s been! Starting from moving out with a close friend, juggling another year of full time work & a half arsed attempt at full time uni (barely passing last year), two visits from my bestie, three road trips, christmas with my bestie in NZ, new years in a little town called Martinborough and a whole bunch of lessons along the way!

I approached a lot of situations with this “who cares?” attitude, I didn’t think about the consequences because I was so caught up in the moments but lessons huh? They definitely taught me a lot about myself, what I want and what I don’t want in my life. I’ve eliminated all the things (and people) that were dragging me down….now to work on this little list of goals I’ve written.

I’m looking forward to the next year ahead. There’s talks of a few road trips, a little NZ reunion at the end of the year but a lot is still uncertain. I’m trying not to plan because plans only limit room for new opportunities that could possibly come along.

Lets see how another year pans out!

Presents from T;

Yesterday, I got an early birthday parcel from T over at Fashtastic. Her ability to make cards never ceases to amaze me (I wish I had photos of all the other birthday and christmas cards she has made me). So thank you Tina for my awesome card that hints at my amazing present…

Bird print scarf!

Now, to try some of these creative ways to tie a scarf…


Waking up to this view….I felt like I was in New York!

After talking to my best friend S last weekend, and feeling super sad I was missing her birthday celebrations in Melbourne, she put me on a flight Saturday morning (thank YOU bestie for the sweet flight hook ups!) to surprise the rest of our friends in Melbourne. Saturday was spent enjoying a midday drink to start the birthday celebrations, followed by some shopping on Bridge Rd (my favourite shopping destination) and then an early dinner on the rooftop of a Richmond pub as the sun went down.

My time with bestie was short, we were only together for 19 hours so instead of having a big night, we opted for drinks in the hotel room. It had been a year since we all caught up together (two of our close friends moved to Melbourne, the ones I surprised) so it was good to just sit there & enjoy each others company.

Sunday was spent people watching along the Southbank over brunch with K & A who moved to Melbourne last month, followed by some exploring through the laneways and a solo shopping trip along Chapel St. I hurried back to Southbank before sunset (you bet I googled what time the sunset) and Melbourne looked absolutely stunning.

Walking across the bridge to Southbank


View from Southbank, anyone else getting a New York vibe??

There’s that tall tower in the first photo above, known as the Eureka Skydeck. I first climbed in during the day three years ago so I was keen to go at sunset this time. My obsession with heights started from a very early age…just look at that view! ❤

Sunday night was spent catching up with an old Perth friend over dumplings & green tea at Chocolate Buddha followed by drinks under a bridge (at Ponyfish) with Paris, someone I’ve been friends with on twitter for sometime (wooo social media!). Thank you Paris for providing a night of comedy & lots of free wine!

Inside the Ice Bar, Melbourne… -12 and I felt right at home!

Monday, I caught up for breakfast with J, a girl I met in Amsterdam who I later partied with in Berlin early last year. It’s funny, someone I’ve only caught up with on three prior occasions felt like an old friend. That’s the thing I love about traveling, meeting people that become your best friend within a few hours. You both open up because you’re in a unfamiliar place and really, you have nothing to lose.

Monday was actually another friends birthday so we went to Madame Brussels for jugs of Sangria, cheese platters and pate. Melbourne did what it does best, went from cloudy to sunny to moments where I had to cover my face with a scarf so it didn’t burn!

With so many friends now living in Melbourne, three days wasn’t enough but it was a good little unexpected holiday and it was JUST what I needed. Now I’m back to uni for another semester and counting down the days until my next trip to Melbourne mid- November.

16 weeks. I cannot wait to be back in Melbourne!


I went to the beach after work on Friday with the boyfriend, M and we had a nice cold cider at (one) of my favourite places, Black Salt juuuust as the sun was setting.

I went shopping on Saturday and bought a bobble, a water bottle that filters as you drink, purchase inspired by Melinda’s review on it here.

It was my half brother Max’s birthday that day so I got him this witty card, filled with money…..awesome card or what?

Lunch was salmon, mashed potato, russian winter salad and sides of tomato with garlic and slices of beetroot…my favourite!

I then rolled to the car and had a nap when I got home. I keep getting into the terrible habit of eating myself into a coma everytime I visit my parents….must stop doing that asap!

The rest of the weekend includes working until 4am this morning (yawn), beach walks with K in the afternoon and chats with housemate K Mac.

What did everyone else get up to?

Love in a package

Yesterday, I came home to a parcel from my best friend S in NZ. I was having a pretty crappy day & the parcel couldn’t have come at a better time, it totally lifted my mood. She sent over my favourite biscuits that they don’t sell here (already eaten half the packet by the time I got round to taking the photos!), a scrapbook page that I’m going to frame & a beautiful gold bracelet by Mimco, seen better below:

I’m feeling so spoilt! The fact that it was my birthday nearly two weeks ago and I’m STILL getting presents now, makes me one happy girl! It was my 21st birthday so for once, I’m going to enjoy the spoiling because it’s a rare occasion & a important milestone.

I didn’t do the traditional 21st party, instead I opted for a simple, low key night with close friends. All that matters is that I have the best people surrounding me, year after year. That’s all I need.