The Friday Letter;

My life isn’t very exciting at the moment, unless you want to hear all about property investment, property ownership and the technique to valuing property? Yeah, didn’t think so. Here’s my one letter for the week:

Dear SoCal (pictured above);

You kill me every time I think of you. From your beautiful coast line to your suburban streets. Even though I don’t want a McMansion, you make me feel like I do. I miss hanging out with the Irvine kids, going for drives along the coast, watching the sunrise from Malibu, driving through Beverly Hills, attending carnivals, sitting in the back of a ute as we drive through Yorba Linda, being accepted into any group I met.

If there’s anything that’s the key to my motivation at the moment, to work like a crazy woman and finish this degree as soon as possible, it’s you California. You’re never far from my wandering mind and you’re the last thing I think about every night.

I’ll be back soon, just let me get some things sorted out here.

Friday Letters- the rare edition;

I’ve been seriously lacking in the letters department the past two weeks but with all my uni assignments & tests now completed, time for some letters!

And this is how I study

Dear Property Investment Analysis;

You’re my favourite unit but also my hardest. Knowing there’s a 45% fail rate with this unit, I thought there was a typo with my results today. Please don’t let that be the case, I’ve never gotten 90% before! So chuffed.

Dear B (guy from work);

Yesterday, you tied my bag to my draw (not just any knot but a noose knot that I couldn’t undo- thanks a ton) but today, you outdid yourself by sending around an email to all staff from my desk and asking everyone if they wanted ice cream. Yeah REAL FUNNY.

Dear Corner Deli;

It’s the second day this week I’ve purchased ice cream from you (see above) and you probably think I’m a little crazy coming in & spending 5 minutes picking out dozens of ice creams but summer hasn’t even began yet and I have a feeling I’ll be the official ice cream runner for the next 6 months. Hope to be on a nickname basis soon!

Dear Ed Westwick;

Why are we not together? I mean, look at you. Reading is the most handsome thing of all.

 – – – –

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Friday Letters….From where I’d rather be;

Dear confused brain;

I bet if my study had the view from the picture above, you wouldn’t be so confused right? Don’t worry, I’m giving you time & no limits to wander tonight, I hope that’s enough for now!

Dear Soundwave;

You’re not coming to Perth for another 5 months but tickets sold out within 2 weeks?? Absolute madness BUT I’m so glad I was given the chance to get tickets on the second release. Watch out Sum 41, The Offspring, A Perfect Circle, Blink 182 and Linkin Park (just to name a few), the Rock chick in me has never died!

Dear JR;

So I’ve seen you around, on all the billboards in Perth, selling pretty houses and stuff. I also valued your new house the other day and you know, if you’re ever looking for a good little wifey, I’ll be more than happy to fill that role. Holla!

Dear M;

You’ve been away in the U.S for the past 4 weeks and I thought I was going to go mad without you around. But seeing you last night and talking for two & a half hours made me realise I’m never ever letting you go! Good friends like you are near impossible to come across ❤

– – –

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Friday Letters- Thanks for the lousy directions;

Current location: uni campus

Dear Urbanspoon directions;

I wanted to impress an overseas Mechanic friend so I used you to direct me to the new Mechanics’ Institute Bar in Northbridge however, you sent me to a Fitness Institute on Aberdeen St which was a little embarrassing. Thanks to Renee’s photos over at her blog, I was able to see it was located on a lane way.

(seriously, if you’re in Perth, you have no excuse not to check out this new place! It’s located on a laneway, near the corner of William St & James St mall)

Dear Perth friends;

I’m not ignoring you, I swear! With university finishing up soon & work showing no signs of slowing down, all I want to do is have a hot shower and sleep. Promise to be more available from Tuesday 30th October!

Dear Inner Sparkle; 

All week, you’ve been fading away and then this morning, my favourite day of the week, you were nowhere to be seen. Please don’t do this to me when I need you the most 😦

Dear tights/stockings;

You’re all horrible, horrible pieces of material. What happened to the good pairs that lasted more than a day or shock horror, a week?

Dear Perth;

Even though I’m not feeling myself today, you’re trying really hard to make things better by turning it up to 25 degrees with a max of 27 degrees. I truly appreciate it, you stunner!

Friday Letters- the 4th edition;

I’ve hit the 4 week mark with these Friday letters & I’m starting to believe this is now a habit, woo! Here’s my letters for this week:

Dear Kwinana Freeway;

Today is the last day I’ll be driving along you in peak hour traffic to AND from work and good riddance to that! Sure, I’ve been able to call NZ every morning &  most evenings but the amount of chaos that occurs along a 15km strip is too much for my poor little soul. I can’t complain about traffic because every one of us IS traffic but I’m happy to no longer be part of it.

Dear anti-static spray;

Where have you been all my life?? I’ve been putting up with clothes sticking to me for years….you’ve probably been hiding on the selves, laughing at me every time I walk past. From this day forward, I will never have to put up with clothes sticking to me again. So thank you.

Dear chromium tablets;

I’ve only been taking you for three days but I’m already feeling the effects. If we keep this up, maybe I can get rid of my nasty relationship with sugar. Here’s hoping!

Dear T;

As much as we sometimes clash at work, you’re like the mother hen in the office & a second mother to me. Helping me discover all sorts of new herbal supplements and things that can improve my health. I’m ever so grateful for it all.

Dear SGIO;

Now that I’ve turned a year older, you want to raise my car insurance policy even though I haven’t had an accident in the past year nor made a claim? I don’t think so! You can bet I’ll be threatening to quit my policy!

Friday Letters- Dear weird guy;

I’m really enjoying these Friday letters! Here’s my 3rd lot of Friday letters, hope you’re all enjoying them as much as me!

Dear weird guy;
On Wednesday, you saw me standing outside a house & said you knew the tenant and came down the driveway with me.   Then when the tenant let me in & had no idea who you were, you said you wanted to rent the house. If that wasn’t weird enough, I see you again on Thursday, in Subiaco at 11am in a pair of bright blue cartoon flannette pjs with your daughter in tow. I hope I don’t bump into you again!

Dear Hanger (Anger caused by hunger);
I thought I had you under control but no, yesterday you made me act like a frigging crazy lady, getting angry over a broken pen (which resulted in seeing weird guy at the stationary shop).

Dear Winter;
I can’t believe your other sister, Spring is replacing you tomorrow. I don’t feel like I saw enough of you over the past 3 months but I guess that’s Perth for you huh? Don’t worry, I’ll continue chasing you around the world next year.

Dear eyes;
I know I don’t rest you as much as I should (that should change next weekend after the move) but do you really need to water every time I’m having an important conversation with my boss or director? You sure know how to embarrass me!

– – –

Happy Friday all, enjoy the two days of bliss all you Mon-Fri folk! x

Friday Letters- Part Two;

I’m back once again with the Friday letters! Check out all the other Friday letters over at Adventures of Newlyweds

Dear sugar; I was doing so well, went all day Monday & Tuesday without you and then as Wednesday afternoon approached and a strict deadline loomed over my head, all I could think about was you. Of course I couldn’t resist you. Why can’t you have a healthy brother I could rely on instead?

Dear weekend; I love you every time you come around because it means I can sleep in & eat my favourite omelette combo when it’s already lunch but this weekend, I love you more than ever because there’s no uni work to do AND it’s going to be my birthday. AWESOME.

Dear; Please hurry up and have a comments notification system like WordPress & Facebook. Going back to every blog I comment on to see if there’s a reply is just frigging impossible. Sort it out.

Dear eye primer; I discovered you yesterday and holy moly, you are amazing!! How have I lived without you for so long?

– – –

I was tempted to write a letter to bestie once again but that deserves a post all to itself (more about that soon!)