Breakfast with Big Sis;

Sayer’s Sister, Lake St Perth

Yesterday, I finally got to see my big sis (she’s not technically my big sis, but just go with it). I haven’t seen her since May this year when she moved to Dubai, so we caught up for breakfast in the short 24 hours she was here (she sure doesn’t waste any time!). Skype & weekly phone calls help disguise the distance but I’ve missed seeing her smiling face and sharing stories face to face.

You’d think I’m used to being apart from my friends, considering I’ve lived a minimum 3,000km’s from five of my closest friends for years now but, with each new friend that moves away, it just gets harder and harder. Good news is that big sis is coming back end of this month for another 24 hours so yay!

And now something about the cafe of choice; If I could have taken more photos, I would but for now, check out more photos over at Renee’s blog- here.

The perfect Monday combo;

There wasn’t much traffic this morning getting to work so as I was about to turn into the street my office is on, I quickly did a U-turn and went to one of my favourite new cafes, The Hangout. They only opened up a few months ago (if that!) but they already have a number of regulars. It was lovely to sit there with a cup of tea, reading the paper and feeling the right side of me roasting from the fire. If there’s something I need to do more of….it’s this. Working around the corner from such a cosy little cafe, this needs to become a more frequent visit!

And if that wasn’t a perfect start to a Monday morning, I all of a sudden had plans to go to The Windsor, another one of my favourite places, on a lunch date. Some may think I don’t work (it certainly feels like I don’t these days!) but it was super quiet today so I’m glad I went out for lunch since it was the last time I’d be seeing someone this year. It’s funny, the people that come into our lives at just the right moment. I’m such a firm believer in fate & everything happening for a reason. I don’t doubt the fact our paths will someday cross again…..don’t worry, not running away anytime soon! But once I’ve finished uni? Now that’s another story.

Not so sunny Saturday;

This weekend was a rather quiet one. I had my big ‘end of semester’ celebrations last weekend and because I organised a group of friends to celebrate with me, I got a whole lot of catch ups all ticked off at once. Score! On Friday, I wasn’t feeling too social so after work, I went into the city to do some shopping (more about this in my next post though!)

After a much needed 11 hour sleep Friday night, I met a friend in Fremantle on Saturday for lunch at an Italian Restaurant called ‘Tabella‘. The food & wine was delicious, the wait staff were so nice & the interior was so gorgeous. Highly recommend the place if you’re from Perth!

Straight after lunch, I zapped off up the road to North Fremantle to a cafe/restaurant I’ve been meaning to check out for YEARS. It’s called Harvest, located on Harvest Road. It’s got this gorgeous little front courtyard that is used 80% of the year, the interior is very cosy & the bathroom is located outside in the garden- very Freo-like!

I met my dear friend K there who has spent the past 3 months living on the east coast in complete isolation, finishing off her thesis. She’s probably one of the busiest girls I know but while she was over east, we got to speak on the phone every week so this catch up was more of a ‘what’s next?’ than anything else.

The more time I spend in Fremantle, the more I want to live there. Getting to work would be a complete pain but living only 5 minutes from my favourite beach and the coast would be totally worth it. I could see myself living here or here.

Do you guys like the little journal I found above? I was early for lunch and walked into an old favourite store, Red Tiger & saw this little book. I feel like the book was written personally for me, it’s so perfect! It will always be found in my handbag wherever I go, you never know when you need a good rant!


The Secret Formula;

Hands up if you don’t like Monday’s! Weekends are far too short so come Monday, I’m lacking sleep and nowhere near ready for another 5 days of work/uni. It was quiet today so at lunchtime, I went and checked out this new cafe 2 minutes walk from work (I drove of course…it was raining!)

The cafe has this gorgeous red couch, facing the road with a little fireplace to the side. As it was raining outside, I sat there inside with my hot chocolate in one hand, newspaper on my nap & I just stared out thinking just how content I felt. I went back to work & while everyone had hit the afternoon slump, I was bouncing off the walls- way too excited to be at work!

After work, I met up with a friend & we walked around the river for an hour, talking about her holiday plans & my recent move.

Why have I not thought of something like this sooner? All you need for a perfect Monday is a relaxing breakfast or lunch at a cafe & a quiet night or catch up with a friend. I feel at ease with the week ahead…..even though I have an assignment due on Thursday that I’m nowhere near finished.

I’m ready for you Tuesday!

My weekend with S

My weekend in summary:

– Sleep ins

– Lunch at The Greenhouse

– City trip to look at new buildings (I’m a geek okay)

– Fererro ice cream mixed with chocolate brownie and oreo biscuits

– Fremantle

– Local pub hang outs

– Big group dinners

– Big hangovers

– Drinking cider on the way to LUNCH cause it was that bad

– Leederville catch ups with old housemate KM

S, myself & K

– Farewell party for my old housemate KM

– Sad times 😦

– Rainy mornings

– AM coffee runs

– Naked Fig lunch date with bestie & 2 European friends

– Photo times at Swanbourne beach

– Kings Park views (cause the city’s changed a lot since I last went up)

– Sunday night cuddles before late night flight

– Very sad times

I had my bestie with me for everything I did this weekend…I wish we could do this more!

The Greenhouse Perth

There’s this cafe in the city I’ve been meaning to check out for months now. It’s called the Greenhouse and it’s made out of all recycled/recyclable materials. Check out some more photos of the place:

Pot plants decorate the outside of the Greenhouse

The interior is very modern

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. The cafe offers organic food, all very fresh and it’s not too expensive even though some of the meals sounds very fancy! I went there with a friend for lunch yesterday but neither of us were very hungry so we sat outside next to the heater, K had a coffee, I had a glass of Rose` because I can! I wish I got a photo of the glass because it wasn’t your ordinary wine glass, more like a big circular glass cup- perfect for cradling in winter!

Looks like I’ll have to go back and get some more photos! They also have a rooftop where they host events on weekends. Adding that to my must do’s.