A shift in mindset;

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Last night, I sat in on a team call with two superstars from the US, Chris and Lori Harder, organised by the inspirational Peta Kelly. In the hour or so, there were tips about personal development, breaking through your own setbacks and how to expand your business (applicable for pretty much anyone). Sometime between listening in & getting out of bed this morning, I’ve felt a massive shift in my mindset. I went to bed upset over what happened over the weekend but promised myself that Tuesday was a new day & I would approach it differently.

After hearing how Peta says ‘thank you’ a hundred times every morning & how Anna writes pages and pages of things she’s grateful for every morning, I came up with something that currently fits my time constraints.

Instead of falling back asleep once my alarm went off, I used that 10 minutes to say out loud all the things I was grateful for this morning. This morning I was so grateful for a fresh start; the opportunity to change the way I handle situations; the warm weather; the friends who listen when I’m a bawling mess;  the fulfilling work I’ve got going on; the fresh food that my life is never short of; the upcoming holidays I’ve got planned but most importantly, the brand new day I’ve been given that is not owed to me & can be taken from me in a heart beat.

With 9 days to go until all my assignments, reports, quizzes and presentations are due, I’ve never felt more motivated to put in 110%. I’ve gone a little off track this month, strayed from what I’ve had my mind set to, shifted my energy to things that didn’t serve me in the long run (ahh hindsight!) but luckily, that didn’t last long. You live & you learn and I definitely needed that wake up call, at that exact moment.

Now, time to lock myself inside for the next nine days! Considering how much has changed in the last nine days, lets see what I’ve got to report back on next.


The weekend: the mixed edition;

‘A Pleasant Breeze’- Watermelon Cocktail

The weekend consisted of drinks with my big sis (who was back in town for the week), checking out the new bars in town (Bar Lafayette, Print Hall, Bob’s Bar & Helvetica); sleep in’s, shopping trips, sushi & birthday celebrations with too many bottles of wine with old friends (and I lost count the number of times people asked me where the hell I’ve been hiding). There were run in’s with the ex, late nights & big sleep in’s until Sunday afternoon; cheering on friends auditioning for the Perth Female Lingerie Football League team (yeah, such a thing exists) and a whole lot of smiling involved when I received another ‘Future Me‘ letter.

Seriously, if there’s one way to make yourself smile, send a letter to yourself 3 or even 6 months from now & it makes you realise nothing bad lasts forever. I wrote my last letter during a tough time 4 months ago & driving home last night, I couldn’t believe how much things have turned around. I wrote some short term goals & I’m very happy to say I’ve been actively working towards them (even ticking off several).

Will you be writing a letter to yourself? Go on!

Change of direction;

Photo taken at Matarangi Beach, Coromandel (NZ)

Looking back over the last week, I can pinpoint an exact moment when things changed for the better. The exact moment I thought to myself, “I’m sick of feeling like this, I’m sick of these thoughts running around in circles”. The exact moment it happened, I had this out of body experience. It felt like I had taken a step back and watched myself from the outside. And as I watched on, I thought, “why am I getting involved in something that doesn’t benefit me nor does it have to have this negative impact on me”. So with that, I finally let go of what was holding me back. I let go of taking on problems that weren’t mine to solve & I accepted the fact that these things happened but they are now in the past. It was the conclusion to one chapter in my life that I hope I never have to open again.

I don’t think the finer details matter so much now, I think all that matters is that I’m heading in a better direction.


(photo idea from this image)

Hungry for change;

After speaking to Alex on Monday night, I made the decision I need to cut back on the amount of processed sugar in my life. I managed to go Tuesday through to Friday morning with no chocolate/sweets but going cold turkey probably wasn’t the best option for me; on Friday morning, I woke up with a raging headache, on the verge of being sick and I hadn’t even had breakfast yet.

I guess it must of been a huge shock to my body, going from 2-6 pieces (sometimes more) of Lindt chocolate per night + a chocolate bar a day after lunch. That’s roughly 44.9g of sugar per day….which is equal to 9 teaspoons of sugar! (Nevermind all the other foods hidden with sugar)

It’s funny the timing of it all because on Friday, when I was still feeling sick and low on sugar, Veganism, a page I follow on Facebook posted about sugar. I would love for everyone to take the time to read it but here’s an extract that really hit me:

“And yet, when it comes down to it, sugar controls their behaviour. If they don’t have their sugar in the morning (in their coffee, pancakes and cereals), sugar at lunch (in the salad dressing, pasta sauce, soda and restaurant food) and sugar at dinner (there’s sugar in pizza, ketchup and BBQ sauce, plus virtually all restaurant foods), then they suffer serious withdrawal symptoms and go crazy with moodiness and irritability. They start blaming everyone around them for silly things, and they may even become sweaty and light-headed”

I remembered the video that Alex mentioned the other night called ‘Hungry for change’ which really made my decision final. Processed sugars do not have a place in my life!

Have you seen the ‘Hungry for change‘ documentary? Has it changed the way you eat? You can view 20 minutes of it HERE for free.


There’s been quite a few new and exciting changes in my life lately…

Firstly, I got a second job, helping my friend out behind the bar on Saturday nights. They play punk rock, stuff I grew up listening to in high school and they serve drinks in big red cups like in the U.S.

Secondly, I got my hair cut and coloured. It’s been two years since I’ve had a short bob so I thought it was about time I did it again. It’s been a refreshing change and I don’t feel so boring always putting my hair up in a ponytail now…..I can’t quite do that anymore!

And thirdly, I have a boyfriend! I won’t say too much about it because it’s all fairly new. But it’s exciting and I’m totally smitten.

I promise a proper update soon.

Moving out!

I’m finally moving out of home next weekend!

Ever since I got back from Europe in February, I’ve felt more than ready to move out but with starting university and in the middle of leaving my old job, it wasn’t really good timing. Now that I’m all settled into uni and have been at my current job for the past 3 months with no sign of leaving anytime soon, it’s time for another change in my life.

I’m moving into a two bedroom apartment with my Perth best friend K (she’s like a sister to me- a really awesome older sister that I get along with really well). I went over there today and we set up an IKEA bookcase- it took us an hour in total. Next Saturday, I’m going to bring my bed, dressing table and clothes….and not much else!

I’m looking forward to seeing how I’ll go with cooking and cleaning. I was away from home for 3 months over the summer, I managed fine then, surely it won’t be much different.

Last day being twenty

There’s two hours to go until I’m officially 21 years old so I thought I’d use this time to reflect on the past year. The past 12 months have been the most action packed months to date.

I finally obtained my high school certificate…3 years later, I met my best friend S in Sydney for a week where we visited every beach in New South Wales, I went to Bali and experienced a whole new culture which opened my eyes so much more, I traveled Europe alone and met amazing people in every city I visited, my other best friend K came to Perth & we went on a massive roadtrip, I started uni full time as well as somehow managed to work full time (no idea how I did it!), my best friend S came and stayed with me in Perth for a few days where we did nothing but lay on the beach everyday (in Autumn!), I survived my first semester at uni, started a new job in the property industry, doing exactly what I wanted- property valuation, managed to get time off to go back to New Zealand for a week for my best friend’s 21st birthday and then somehow managed a week away for work when uni was at its busiest.

And that’s not even all of it! But looking back on the past 12 months, I’m seriously wondering- when did I have time to breathe?

Don’t worry, I stopped to smell the flowers on a constant basis. I went for walks in the park & the beach on a weekly basis. I saw the country side as much as I could, and I retreated into my little cocoon to think about life every so often. I did a lot of thinking, I came to a lot of conclusions and I made a lot of decisions.

Now what’s in store for the next 12 months? Stay tuned.