More to add to the collection;

On Friday night, I went shopping with the full intent to see what else is available these days because at the moment, my whole work wardrobe is from Portmans (or so it feels like it!) I think I went into about 5 other stores before giving up & going into my beloved. Everything I tried on either clung in the wrong places or was ridiculously priced.

As I was trying on this black dress from Witchery, I thought back to my high school days when I used to sew. The dress from Witchery is made of Viscose which can be purchased for under $10 a square metre and because the dress ties up at the waist, you only need to draw the sleeves and that’s about as technical as it gets.

I do miss the days of sewing things from scratch or even just tailoring pieces to fit better. I’ve reached that point where I can no longer waste hours going through countless shops & finding nothing I like. So looks like it’s time to look into buying a sewing machine! But until my sewing career is up in full swing, I’ll continue buying the rest of the Portman’s catalogue.

Happy Monday!

Last week I requested to have Monday (today) off work. I did some study in the morning, looked over some upcoming assignments and made a uni ‘to do’ list for the week which is growing as the day goes on. I want to be on top of university this semester, none of these all-nighters the weekend before an assignment is due business.

It wasn’t all study though. After 5 hours, I was long overdue for a break. I went to the mall to get a new phone but after some terrible customer service from that phone shop, followed by more terrible customer service at other retail shops, I left the mall in a horrible mood. I went to another mall 15 minutes away and got greeted at every shop I went into and what a difference that makes!

I ended up walking away with some coloured pants, shirt (not pictured), knitted sweater and my first pair of jeans in 4 years! Stoked.

I cannot wait to wear this- it’s so soft!

Possibly the most comfiest denim I have tried in a long, long time.

Climbing on tables…as you do.

Swap Meet: Round 2

At 4am, my housemate KM & I woke up, packed our cars and drove down the road to the weekly swap meet. I haven’t been since April last year which was a success…I guess April is the time of year I decide, enough is enough, I have too much crap (I aint denying that!)

The one I went to last year was already full by 4:45am (I don’t even want to know what time people go there) so we drove to another one 10 minutes away. It wasn’t the same age group, it was more older families wanting things for the house but we had a few mothers come by and get stuff for their daughters.

In the space of a few hours, we got rid of a lot of stuff. I made roughly the same amount as last year but it’s not really the money part that matters: it’s more getting rid of as much as possible.

Here’s a few pictures I got of this years set up:

This is KM’s great idea

Woo customers!

The rope wasn’t as strong as we thought….

And just a little something extra….

KM & I still have a load of stuff unsold, dresses we’ve paid big $$ for that we were a little hesitant to sell so we’re going to organise a swap meet with friends. I’ve taken the task on board and I cannot wait to get a date set & hopefully get rid of the rest of my dresses and tops.

My new favourite skirt;

Last week, I got two days off work to spend time with my best friend. How typical though, the weather turned crap as soon as she got here so our beach plans turned into… plans!

I got this gorgeous skirt from Portmans & I can’t stop wearing it; one girl at work even offered to buy it off me for more (it was the last one in our size).

Nope, this skirt is now a favourite! It isn’t going anywhere…

Retail therapy

I was feeling really crappy this morning so I thought I’d do a quick shop before I get stuck into the books. These days, I struggle to find anything I like in the stores. When I walked into Portmans, I was so so happy when I found the above A line skirt- I’ve been looking for the perfect one for MONTHS.

The top, I’m thinking of wearing with a nice blazer and jeans at night. Who knows, it could even be worn during the day if I dress it down. On my way to the car, I stopped by a bookshop & found Lauren Conrad’s book, ‘Style’. I’m slowly cleaning up my wardrobe at the moment and making a list of all the classic pieces I need. Spring is here next month, time to organise a swap meet with friends!


I was talking to Lo tonight about how I’m considering going over to Cambodia and Vietnam next year to do some volunteer work and Lo also, is keen on going. We joked about the fact that soon, we’re going to have nothing left because after Europe, we’re both trying to get rid of all the unnecessary things we own. Backpacking and living in a suitcase really changes your views on things, namely items. I was throwing away scarfs and jackets along the way as I simply didn’t have any room in my backpack nor was it worth it to send home.

And this is coming from the girl that NEVER throws anything away. I always argued that I will need it as soon as I throw it out but I don’t think that’s the case anymore. I’ve developed this whole new attitude where I have zero attachment and it’s a great feeling.

At the moment, I’m setting up a blog for all my skirts and dresses, all my recent stuff that I’ve bought thinking, “this is cute, I can wear it to a wedding or a formal dinner”. Those events never came.

Someone argued with me recently that there’s no such thing as simplicity. I think I’m on my way to proving them wrong.

Car Boot Sale: Successful!

Although I had to wake up at 3.30am with only three hours of sleep, my first ever selling at a market went really well. I sold 23 items and made a profit of $64…roughly $3 an item. I got a few photos of our little carpark bay.

My friend D also had some items she wanted to sell…it was so good having someone there with me!

We started off with some of the items at $10 but then it dropped down to $5 and some to $3.

This lovely lady let me use the end of her carpark bay to lay out some of my cheaper items. Bless her!

We learnt a lot from this car boot sale . Next step, I’m going to donate 18 items to the Salvation Army and then try sell half of the remainder items at another market and then I’m going to hold my own meet swap with friends to sell the other half as it’s more suitable for my friends.

I think I’m now addicted to these car boot sales! I came home and realised there’s so much more stuff I could sell. I now have zero attachment to the majority of my wardrobe. I am on my way to living with less clutter…never thought I’d see the day!