Happy 21st Lo!

January 2011- Budapest

December 2011- Perth. L to R: Lo, C, A & Eddie

Last night, we celebrated Lo’s 21st birthday. You see, we all met in Prague at the beginning of the year and ended up meeting again in Vienna (C, Lo & I), Budapest (all of us + others) and Barcelona (Eddie & I). When you’re traveling, especially alone, you really open up to people. We probably spent two weeks max together whilst away, but spending all day, everyday with people, you kind of fast forward the friendship.

I feel like I’ve known these girls forever & I’m closer to them than some of the people I’ve known for 5 years. I’ve seen them first thing in the morning, in all sorts of different moods and of course, seen them in their absolute craziest moods- and accept every part of their personalities.

Lo, C & I all live in Perth so we catch up every now & then but Eddie lives in Melbourne so we don’t get to see her so much. That’s why last night was so special, we were all reunited & it was like our European adventure all over again.

Now, we’re all off to the beach to nurse our hangovers….quite the opposite to the last time we all partied together in the snow!


Date is set

I spoke to N last night and if you remember from this post, he was going to Europe over the NZ winter, same time I was going back to NZ. Well he’s set a date for his departure- 14th June, exactly two weeks before I was meant to be home! Talk about bad timing.

So my little “study break” turned into a two hour conversation…I don’t know how we do it! There’s just something about late night conversations that makes people open up. These days, I don’t mind the fact I live so far from home because it has brought me so much closer to my friends. We make the time to talk on the phone regularly and we get to open up to each other about our hopes, dreams and all the other deep stuff.

If there’s a male version of me out there, it’s definitely N.


I was talking to Lo tonight about how I’m considering going over to Cambodia and Vietnam next year to do some volunteer work and Lo also, is keen on going. We joked about the fact that soon, we’re going to have nothing left because after Europe, we’re both trying to get rid of all the unnecessary things we own. Backpacking and living in a suitcase really changes your views on things, namely items. I was throwing away scarfs and jackets along the way as I simply didn’t have any room in my backpack nor was it worth it to send home.

And this is coming from the girl that NEVER throws anything away. I always argued that I will need it as soon as I throw it out but I don’t think that’s the case anymore. I’ve developed this whole new attitude where I have zero attachment and it’s a great feeling.

At the moment, I’m setting up a blog for all my skirts and dresses, all my recent stuff that I’ve bought thinking, “this is cute, I can wear it to a wedding or a formal dinner”. Those events never came.

Someone argued with me recently that there’s no such thing as simplicity. I think I’m on my way to proving them wrong.

Little distractions are everywhere

You know when you think about something and then it’s everywhere? That’s how I feel about Brazil. A went there last month and I followed his every movement with envy. Last month, I also had to write a business proposal about a company based in Brazil for my Management assignment and I actually had a lot of fun researching the country.

Now, after watching Fast and Furious 5, which was based in Rio, Brazil, the travel bug has been sparked once again. Brazil has always been on my list of places to see but it wasn’t until this past summer, when I met some Brazilians traveling that the country really caught my attention.

My current travel order:

– Thailand/ Cambodia/ Vietnam


– Brazil/ Chile

– Europe summer

I’m being realistic here. I’ve committed to four years at university, possibly working full time for those four years. No more big trips for me!

Reviewing the salad #8

A favourite past time of mine is to try chicken caesar salads everywhere I go. Yesterday, I caught up with L, a Perth girl I met in Prague. We’ve caught up a few times since our winter trip but now that she’s working days & I have a smaller uni workload, we’re definitely going to see each other more.

I love the fact we met 20,000km’s away from Perth and we’re able to still see each other post trip. What are the chances in that?

The best of 10 weeks;

Packing my warmest items which ended up not being warm enough…not one of them!

First day in London, SNOW!!

First snowman in 15 years, I was rather excited!

My favourite part of Stockholm, Sweden: Soder

Photography museum in Stockholm

Christmas Markets, Birmingham, UK

Visiting Santa at Winter Wonderland, London, UK

Christmas Feast in Clapham, London, UK

And dessert!

New Years Eve in Edinburgh, Scotland

Not looking too pleased with the Eiffel Tower

Self explanatory..


Mitte, Berlin

Prague, Czech Republic

And Budapest, Hungary….very similar or what?

Budapest Baths on Australia Day

Florence, Italy

Rome, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

The end 😦

This was a quick picture summary of my 10 week holiday. I’ll be uploading my favourite photos to flickr so will be linking it to this blog once it’s all complete.

Trip of a lifetime;

70 days. 10 weeks. 21 hours of flying one way. 11 countries. 16 cities.

I’m back in Perth from a trip I was afraid to take at one stage. I’m still as jetlag as hell a week later, I no longer have any savings in the bank but NOTHING compares to what I saw, who I met & what I’ve learnt over the past 10 weeks. I’ve come back to Perth with a dozen new friends who share some of the most memorable experiences with me & for once in my life, I’ve come back from a holiday, more certain than ever about my direction in life.

Follow my whole trip every step of the way at: http://www.winterdesire.wordpress.com