New friends & the perfect weekend mix;


Sunset views from South Perth

It’s mid June & I’m sitting here with the heater cranking, just hours before flying off to Bali. The weekend just gone was my perfect weekend. It involved gym & sauna time, coastal walks where I looked like I was walking + video-ing myself (talking on FaceTime), brunch dates, river walks, free samples at a Woman’s expo, my favourite pizza, Fremantle adventures & a 9.5 km sunset river walk to top it all off. There was plenty of sunshine, deep conversations, massive smiles, last minute plans, lots of walking & just the right mix of stretching too.

Favourite spot: Raw Kitchen, Fremantle

And thinking about it all today, I realised the four people I spent time with this weekend were people I met this year. Two from February and two from exactly a month ago and the crazy thing is, it feels like I’ve known them all for years.

I used to have this idea that the people you grew up with, you had the strongest bond with but this year has been the biggest myth buster of that idea. You see, when you meet people with the same or similar interests as you, when you’re at a point in your life when you’re SO crystal clear on who you are & what you want in your life, those friendships fast forward a few years (or 10).

Raw Nachos – YUM!

Here’s three classic examples of how I’m attracting exactly who I am this year:

The Blue Buddha, Fremantle

I went to Raw Kitchen yesterday for lunch with a girlfriend I met exactly a month ago. Mid -May, we both attended the Train the Trainer course with David Wood where it was five intensive days of growing, stretching & getting WAY out of our comfort zone. From the moment we had our first chat, it felt like I’ve known her for years. Over lunch, we were discussing books & personal development courses & I suggested we go check out the last remaining book store in Fremantle (such a sad thought). There weren’t that many books there since it was a second hand one but on the way back, we stumbled upon a little shop called The Blue Buddha. There were crystals, books, little buddha’s and all sorts of CD’s and DVD’s; a small 5 minute stop turned into over an hour.

It made me wonder, how often do you get lost in places like this with someone you just met? Not often!

I took the above photo to send to my fellow Bali travel buddy, because he’s literally the male version of me (yoga, meditation, green smoothie, raw foodie and all). And of course, he happened to be in exactly the same store, 20 km’s away (buying me a salt lamp which release negative ions of all things – but that’s a whole new post, my love affair with negative ions).

Life seriously blows my mind every day.

Riverside Drive sunsets

And then Perth puts on a show like this where I’m walking with C & we’re both in exactly the same situation. We both so desperately want to be in California in August for our company’s massive annual celebration but time just isn’t on our side. Neither of us want to miss out but we also don’t want to do a half-arsed trip to the States. And after feeling down last week about having to postpone the trip, in a matter of minutes, I feel at peace with my decision & super excited that I have a friend to do the trip with next year, New York and all the other cities as well.

Now, time to get packing for Bali & have a week of pure bliss 🙂

Living the ideal day;

After my last exam on Tuesday & before my 11pm flight to Melbourne on Wednesday night, my boss let me have the Wednesday off work to celebrate finishing university (even though I was taking another 5 days off the following day). But I’m not one to say no to celebrating so Wednesday last week turned out to be filled with all my favourite things.

Starting with a sleep in, followed by a juice from The Attic in Fremantle; from there, it was breakfast at Bread in Common followed by laying on Port Beach, writing in my new journal about where I want to be in a years time. Time moved too fast that day because it wasn’t long before I had to be at Public & Co for lunch with Jess. The food was fresh & the staff were lovely (highly recommend this place!) and they even brought out freshly baked donuts for all the customers to try! From there, we went to The Little Concept for some raw treats & more chats and then I was off to Bib & Tucker for sliders, fish tacos & sparkling wine in the sun with my good friend Kelly. We came back to Fremantle that night for some Wednesday night inspiration (a little something called Wellness Wednesday but more on that later!) & then it was time to get packing & try not to miss my flight….you’ll be surprised how many times it’s happened!

Having that day off was just what I needed & it made me realise I definitely need to schedule more like that in future…..or somehow negotiate rostered days off at my next pay review. Now that’s a plan!

Bib & Tucker;

Image via Courtney @ allthingsfabulousblog

After three visits since Bib & Tucker opened, it’s safe to say it’s my favourite place to eat! Located above the new Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club, overlooking Leighton Beach, I’d say they’ve got the best coastal location in Perth. The place is still really busy over three months since opening so I’d recommend going really early for breakfast or before they start their lunch menu at 12pm.

So far, I’ve tried the Huevos divorcados and Truffled Eggs (breakfast) and the Fish Tacos, Textural beetroot salad and Smoked beef brisket sliders (lunch). All dishes have been incredible & the drinks? Their cleanse juice, salted carmel milkshake and banana + nutella milkshakes are TOO good.

I’ve already got plans to go back and try their Bombe Alaska dessert. How good does it look?

Winter Break ’13;

On Thursday night, I completed my last exam for the semester & I can’t express how much lighter I feel now. There’s a few things I wish I had done differently (like take March a little more seriously and take some time off during study week) but it’s all in the past now & here’s to one more semester at uni! That thought still hasn’t sunk in yet & it probably won’t until I get my results back in a few weeks but still a crazy thought none the less!

What have I been up to post exams? Treating myself to all sorts of chocolate, my favourite pizza (chicken and avocado with caesar sauce), skype chats with big sis, personal training with K.S followed by walks around Fremantle & lunch at Bib & Tucker (above view- can you believe it’s the middle of winter here?), river walks with M where there was a lot of Cali dreaming going on & enjoying a lovely Saturday night in watching cheesy Zac Efron movies & catching up on emails & blog posts.

What’s in store for the next five weeks? Oh you can bet it’s going to be an action packed five weeks!

If cents were considered gold;

A couple of months ago, I spotted this house on the market (totally out of my price range but whatevz). It’s located 5 minutes drive from Fremantle Harbour with one of the most gorgeous views over the river. This week, I noticed it was still available for sale so I couldn’t help but  feature it on this blog. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll look back and think, “Oh that little old cottage?” But until then, fall in love with its beauty with me:

Imagine having breakfast here every morning? Oh my.

Even better, you could go outside!

Not phased by the view? How about a swim?

And around the house…

And from the street..

Is it obvious I was meant to live in the Mediterranean yet? Now just need to somehow come up with $35,000 per month to cover the mortgage for the next 30 years…


It was my birthday yesterday & I filled it with all my favourite things; starting with nutella & strawberry crepes for breakfast, a hair appointment with my good friend D (who doubles as my hairdresser) and then lunch in Fremantle with Kel;

We went to The Monk where we sat in the sun, enjoyed garlic prawns for entrees, chicken salad (me) and goat + pasta (k) with some delicious organic ciders and white wine. Mother nature is always so good to me on my birthday!

And of course, no trip to Fremantle is complete without a wander through the markets! K got four mini cupcakes & I tried red velvet cupcakes for the first time and there’s been a reason why I haven’t eaten them before….I KNEW I would become obsessed! Now I just need to stay away from the little cupcake store until next year….

A friend recently got a job at T2 & I’ve been waiting until she worked a Saturday before making a purchase, the shop is extremely overwhelming and hard to resist buying everything for a tea lover such as myself. I picked up the ‘gorgeous geisha‘ which is a green tea with strawberry pieces as well as a mug that has a removable infuser (in the lime shade of course). The tea smells divine but unfortunately doesn’t taste as good as it smells 😦

For dinner, I went to my favourite Italian restaurant, Spaghi, which is a family run business that my family & I have been going to for the past 5 years (since we first moved here!) It never disappoints! I have the same meal every time, the creamy chicken and broccoli pasta (pictured above).

And of course, no birthday is ever complete without a bouquet of roses (boys, take note!)

This year, I went for the low key option. With so many friends away, either living abroad or travelling, I wasn’t in the mood to go out partying. It was a good birthday none the less; I got showered with so much love, I’m so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life!

Not so sunny Saturday;

This weekend was a rather quiet one. I had my big ‘end of semester’ celebrations last weekend and because I organised a group of friends to celebrate with me, I got a whole lot of catch ups all ticked off at once. Score! On Friday, I wasn’t feeling too social so after work, I went into the city to do some shopping (more about this in my next post though!)

After a much needed 11 hour sleep Friday night, I met a friend in Fremantle on Saturday for lunch at an Italian Restaurant called ‘Tabella‘. The food & wine was delicious, the wait staff were so nice & the interior was so gorgeous. Highly recommend the place if you’re from Perth!

Straight after lunch, I zapped off up the road to North Fremantle to a cafe/restaurant I’ve been meaning to check out for YEARS. It’s called Harvest, located on Harvest Road. It’s got this gorgeous little front courtyard that is used 80% of the year, the interior is very cosy & the bathroom is located outside in the garden- very Freo-like!

I met my dear friend K there who has spent the past 3 months living on the east coast in complete isolation, finishing off her thesis. She’s probably one of the busiest girls I know but while she was over east, we got to speak on the phone every week so this catch up was more of a ‘what’s next?’ than anything else.

The more time I spend in Fremantle, the more I want to live there. Getting to work would be a complete pain but living only 5 minutes from my favourite beach and the coast would be totally worth it. I could see myself living here or here.

Do you guys like the little journal I found above? I was early for lunch and walked into an old favourite store, Red Tiger & saw this little book. I feel like the book was written personally for me, it’s so perfect! It will always be found in my handbag wherever I go, you never know when you need a good rant!