The monthly round up: March;

March was another good month. I started valuing houses again & boy are the houses here amazing! I flew up to Brisbane for a few days to attend the Isagenix annual conference, got all dolled up, ate good food & saw my bestie, S at Jamie’s Italian. Our 2nd visit together, my 7th visit over 3 restaurants (a little obsessed!)

Gala night with my russian sister <3

Gala night with my russian sister ❤

The Communal, Brisbane CBD

Jamie's Italian, Brisbane

Jamie’s Italian, Brisbane

My parents came over from Perth for a week & we went up to the 88th floor and I think this is where they fell in love with my city.

Eureka Skydeck

Of course, their Melbourne visit consisted of trying some new places with me (duh).


The Stables of Como


Cecconi’s on Flinders Lane

Other places visited in Melbourne this month: campari // who’s harry // MoVida // othello // doughboys doughnuts // entrecôte // two birds one stone // drugstore espresso //bar none

My brother from another mother, M got married in NZ so it was another long weekend away for me visiting friends & family.

Reunited with H <3

Reunited with H ❤

99% of the time I'm in gym clothes. So good to be back with K!

99% of the time I’m in gym clothes. So good to be back with K!

Wedding ready!

Wedding ready!

After so many long weekends away from Melbourne the last few months, I flew back to Melbourne not wanting to leave any time soon. For the first time in what feels like 10 years, I don’t have any trips planned and you know what? I don’t mind. Moving to Melbourne just under six months ago is a holiday in itself. So many places to explore and so much food to get through 😀


The Christmas Orphan;

xmasOver the last few years, I’ve spent more time being a Christmas orphan than with my parents on Christmas Day. I choose to be an orphan not because I don’t get along with my parents, I love them dearly, it’s just that growing up an only kid, in a small family, Christmas Day is never anything special.

I like to do something different every Christmas so in the last few years, there’s been a Christmas with S and her extended family (which is HUGE) in Auckland, a Christmas in London as the snow fell down outside, Christmas in Perth spent at the beach, another Auckland summer Christmas but with my other best friend K and her Russian family and then a night with friends. But this year, I didn’t really think it through.

I thought, “Hey I’m in Melbourne, something will come up”. And then as it got closer to the day, I thought I’d use the day as time to myself. I had a big sleep in, did some washing and sent off a few messages to loved ones. But then the sadness came out of nowhere.

I thought about what an amazing Christmas I had last year and this year didn’t even compare. I chose to move to Melbourne in November so I could do something different this Christmas and New Years but for a second there, I really regretted the timing of it all.

I snapped out of it pretty quickly though. I googled the highest point near the coast, packed a massive beach bag and a journal and went for a drive. Being new to the city with zero data left on my phone, I went for a drive with no destination and no GPS. And you know what? It felt incredible just driving around unfamiliar streets with nowhere to be and no time limit.

By the time I got home, my housemates were home, along with their extended family and Christmas 2014 turned out to be one of the most memorable ones to date.

I’d love to know, what did everyone do for Christmas this year?

A little something about distance;

When I first moved from Auckland to Perth back in 2007, I thought my life would be over (dramatic is my middle name by the way). I had been raised in Auckland ever since 1995 and even though I moved around quite a bit in my time in Auckland, all my friends were there. Being the first to leave was scary.

Moving away from familiarity and starting at a new school at the age of 16, when everyone was half way through high school was hard. I made some friends but gave into fear a few months later and ran away back to New Zealand. As in, told my parents the morning of my flight that I was leaving & caught a taxi to the airport (I didn’t last long in New Zealand).

At this stage, communication wise, it was the odd phone call back to NZ, emails and a ton of letters. Then in mid 2008, Facebook was starting to become a ‘thing’ so it between easier to stay in touch with friends. Eventually, things like Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, Facetime and Snapchat came along and staying in touch with friends all around the world became THAT much easier.

Over the last eight years, there have been numerous trips back to NZ and several to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to meet friends half way. I look back at how devastated I was to move away & realise the quality of my friendships has only improved over the years.

Yeah, it sucks not being able to just walk down the road and go see a friend but it makes holidays and reunions so much more special. Yeah, it is a little more effort to plan chats with numerous time zones but it really doesn’t matter if we chat every week or every month, the conversations always just flow.

As I’m sitting here with my life packed up into two suitcases and a few boxes, I think the second time round will be much easier. For one, I’m moving half way between Perth and Auckland so time differences will be a minor thing. And secondly, I’m now twenty four years old with friends scattered all around the globe, the hardest part will be deciding what city we will see each other in next.

And exploring the globe with friends excites me!

But if I was able to give a little advice? Treat each phone/skype conversation like it’s a physical date. Pencil it into your diary & have the wine ready! I cannot wait for all the dates to come:)

Monthly Round Up: May;

May was one of those months where it looked okay on paper but in reality, was a lot more chaotic than I would of liked! If there was one way to describe May? Total mix bag!

I checked out a new pilates studio, Lifestyle Boom; went to the sauna four times in one week & as many times as possible after that; fell in love with gym classes once again; did free yoga at the Lululemon store every Saturday morning and enjoyed lots of coastal + park walks with friends.

I did a one day makeup course with my friend K where we learnt that the trick is in the tools! I’ve been using the same makeup for YEARS (creature of habit) and although it does the trick, it looked SO much better with some better makeup tools & certain techniques. Plus, trying a new chemical free primer for oily skin was a total godsend!

Horrorshow, Seth Sentry and Bliss N Eso (my three favourite hip hop artists) came to town & they played an outdoor show. It felt good to put on some jeans, boots & a hoodie and enjoy some of my favourite music in the outdoors (especially because I got to experience it with my big sis which made it even better).

For the month of May, I’ve been off the white stuff (processed sugar) but more on that in another blog post! (recipe for the raw prune balls can be found here).

May also marked a massive change in my life. I attended a 5 day course called ‘Train the Trainer’ with David T.S Wood (pictured above) and 300 others. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone where I got up on stage and trained the room as best I could (it was SO much fun!!), played like a little kid, laughed like I’ve never laughed before and met so many incredibly genuine people, it still warms my heart two weeks later. So many previous friendships are THAT much closer now and all the new friends I made in those 5 days, feel like friends I’ve known a lifetime.

Dancing at 1pm on a Thursday, the usual!

Some pictures of me up the front with David. I had to go up after we watched a video about Nick Vujicic (no arms, no feet, no worries) and that was the hard part. I was sitting there, balling my eyes out & then the next minute my name got called out & I was walking to the front to present. If you haven’t heard of Nick, definitely check out his story on his website, it’s incredible.

David is the impeccable human behind ‘The Kickass Life‘ podcasts which I highly recommend downloading! Now that I’m doing so much driving everyday, I listen to hours of the podcasts and have learnt so much in the last two weeks.

And here’s a small fraction of the awesome people I got to train with from all parts of the globe.

The Monday after Train the Trainer, my beautiful friend Courtney shared her 5 month progress photos with me & they were nothing short of amazing. I’ve watched this girl change before my eyes & seeing the positive changes in her life this year has been a super proud moment for me. So I figured I would take my own progress photos & I was a little shocked to see the difference! The photo on the first was taken in May 2012 and when I saw it, I said to myself, enough is enough. I was eating poorly, my stomach was always bloated and I did not feel good at 21. Fast forward two years, a wheat free diet, nutritional cleansing & better overall health, I feel a million times better. You can read my 12 month nutritional cleansing story over here.

And if I thought life couldn’t get any better, the day after Train the Trainer, my best friend of 17 years, S, called me & asked me to be her bridesmaid in her upcoming Gold Coast wedding. I’ve never been a bridesmaid before but I couldn’t think of a more perfect first time than standing up there with my best friend and her little sister, Bec, who also happens to be my little sister (naturally).

And of course, no month is complete without some epic food dates with loved ones. Photos pictured from Harvest Espresso, Wild Fig, homemade pulled pork, Roasting Warehouse and The Raw Kitchen (and that’s raw black forrest cheesecake pictured – sugar free!)

Amongst all the things that made May amazing (and chaotic and crazy), I sat my interview with the Australian Property Institute and was accepted to be a Property Valuer (kinda a big deal but whatever).  So the last two weeks have been fun; going to lots of awesome houses & apartments and meeting a ton of owners, builders, selling agents and tenants.

Will June be any less crazy than May? I highly doubt it!