90 Day Game Plan;

Two days ago, on Monday 3rd February, I started a little challenge called the 90 day game plan.

The amazing nutritional cleansing program I discovered this time last year not only wants me to be healthy, they also want me to be financially free (and I sure as hell won’t say no to that!)

So what will I be doing over the next 90 days? I’ve gone into this challenge with a clear set of goals, milestones along the way & also a vision of what I want my life to look like in 90 days (come May 4th, 2014).

& taken directly from the business website:

Why Should You Use a 90-Day Game Plan?

Because, well, science. A clinical psychologist at the Dominican University of California, Dr. Gail Matthews, has studied goal achievement. Her research found that participants who wrote down their goals achieved significantly more than those who only thought about their goals.

And what’s more, the study also demonstrated the effectiveness of accountability and commitment. What does that mean? Participants who wrote down both goals and action commitments were more likely to achieve those goals. Better yet, participants who formulated action commitments, sent their goals and commitments to a supportive friend AND sent weekly progress reports to that same friend were the most likely to reach their goals.

– – –

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I’m excited for what’s to come!

Forever 21;

Champagne: my biggest weakness [August 2011]

Tomorrow marks the last day of being twenty one & what a year it’s been! Starting from moving out with a close friend, juggling another year of full time work & a half arsed attempt at full time uni (barely passing last year), two visits from my bestie, three road trips, christmas with my bestie in NZ, new years in a little town called Martinborough and a whole bunch of lessons along the way!

I approached a lot of situations with this “who cares?” attitude, I didn’t think about the consequences because I was so caught up in the moments but lessons huh? They definitely taught me a lot about myself, what I want and what I don’t want in my life. I’ve eliminated all the things (and people) that were dragging me down….now to work on this little list of goals I’ve written.

I’m looking forward to the next year ahead. There’s talks of a few road trips, a little NZ reunion at the end of the year but a lot is still uncertain. I’m trying not to plan because plans only limit room for new opportunities that could possibly come along.

Lets see how another year pans out!

25 things to do before I’m 25;

Last night, I got this great idea from Anna to make a list of things to do before you’re 25. I’m still brainstorming my list but I have approximately 3 years and 3 months to tick 25 things off my list. I’m going to be realistic here, I’ll be studying full time until my 24th birthday so the places I can go in the next 2 and a half years are a little limiting but I’m still going to think hard about the things I want to accomplish before my 25th birthday.

Anyone else inspired to make a similar list? 30 things before your 30th birthday etc?

Are you happy?

Earlier this month, Zack posted a new blog titled, “Are you happy? (My year in review)” .

I would urge you to read the whole article however, if you only have time to read this, here’s a extract of a great exercise.

“I did an exercise four months ago that I learned in Steve Pavlina’s book, Personal Development for Smart People. Steve says to assign a 1-10 rating of each area of your life – 1 means you’re completely dissatisfied with it, and 10 means “you’re absolutely experiencing what you desire.”

Here are some examples that Steve lists:

    • Daily routine
    • Career
    • Money & financial security
    • Health & Fitness
    • Mental development
    • Social life & relationships
    • Home & family
    • Character & integrity
    • Life purpose & contribution
    • Spiritual development

Note: I URGE you to jot down these ratings now – before you read the sentences that follow the bullet points. After you read the paragraph after the bullet points, the exercise is pointless.

OK – done with your list? Here we go.

He says to take any rating that isn’t a 9 or a 10 and replace it with a 1. If you’re not thrilled with an aspect of your life, it’s taking away from your happiness – or, at the very least, not adding to it. Any rating other than a 9 or 10 is just a 1 in disguise – “either you have what you want, or you don’t.” In the words of Yoda, “do, or do not. There is no try.”

I’ve put off doing this exercise for two weeks but really wish I hadn’t. There’s a few areas in my life I’m not exactly happy with and this was a big wake up call to make some adjustments.

What will you be doing this Monday?

The Powerhouse

So yesterday  a company called ‘Healthy By Design’ came into my work and organised a big morning tea and three days of testing for everyone on our floor. In the 20 minute test, you get your glucose levels tested, your heart rate/blood pressure and then you also get body fat and body water levels measured by a consultant attaching little electrons to your hands and feet that get plugged into a machine. Sounds scary but you just lie there, not feeling a thing.

The empty table where all the goodies were! (Information about eating right etc)

A blurry glimpse of the colourful morning tea we had


So with this presentation/morning tea, there’s also an 8 week challenge. The person who makes the biggest improvements in their body fat or water hydration levels, wins an ipod. I don’t necessarily want an ipod nor do I want to win, I’m going to challenge myself just so I can see what an improvement I can make in 8 weeks just by exercising more (now that I have a treadmill) and……cutting out chocolate.

It’s going to be hard but I’m very motivated and determined to do it. Worst case scenario, I’ll eat the chocolate on the treadmill, won’t feel so bad that way.