Quitting sugar for the third time;

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Raw treats from Pana Chocolate. My birthday treat this year!

Nine weeks ago, I decided to end my turbulent relationship with processed sugar. In 2013, I attempted to quit all forms of sugar which did not go too well. Then last year, I managed to go a few months with no processed sugar because life was good but then all of a sudden it wasn’t and sugar was back in my  life on a daily basis.

This year has been different though. I didn’t wait until Monday to quit nor a certain date. One conversation triggered me to just snap and decide then & there, it’s time to get rid of processed sugar. It was easy to make that decision that evening as I didn’t have any chocolates/biscuits at home at the time.

I’ve had a few friends ask me how long I’ll be quitting processed sugar for and at this stage, there’s no end date. I’m not looking to lose weight (that’s just a bonus), I’m aiming to have clear skin & consistent energy all day, everyday.

Will I eat chocolate/cake/biscuits ever again? Maybe. What I’ve noticed over the last nine weeks is that I have hardly any cravings for the things I used to snack on daily. I’m never going to be 100% sugar free. I will still enjoy salted caramel crepes from Myrtle’s Crepes every now & then; I will still treat myself to raw snickers slice from Naked Chicks; I will still eat green apples daily; I will still treat myself to Pana Chocolate (and raw desserts) when I please.

The difference now, I don’t rely on processed sugar to fill a void like I used to. If I’m feeling down, I’ll get outside; talk to friends; listen to music; go to the gym/sauna.

I’ve had a friends ask for tips on how to quit sugar so here’s a few things that I’ve learnt over the years that may help in some way:

  • Decide why you want to quit and keep that reason in your mind every time you’re making decisions. Sometimes when I see chocolate, I just think to myself how much it affects my mood/sleep and I’m able to walk away.
  • Chromium supplements are your best friend!! I use an Australian brand called ‘Eagle‘ which is available from many natural shops.
  • Find processed sugar substitutes. I used to make prune and nut raw balls – just be careful putting the prunes into the food processor as I’ve broken two so far (so called pitted prunes!)
  • If you get post lunch sugar cravings, add chromium to your diet, and try eating a green apple. Yes, apples have fructose sugar in them but it’s better than reaching for a chocolate bar or the cookie jar.
  • Pinterest is amazing for sugar free recipes and tips.
  • Check out Sarah Wilson’s books and ebooks. I love her IQS recipe book.
  • Choose to live (processed) sugar free everyday. So what if you had some cake last night, wake up the next morning and choose to make smarter decisions.

If anyone has any other tips, please feel free to comment!


Monthly Round Up: June;

In the last week of May, my boss had this crazy idea that I could get my reports together in three weeks for my Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) qualification. I love tight deadlines but even then, I thought, “is this guy mad?”

Venus Bay escape

I spent the first weekend of June, relaxing by the fire in Venus Bay and then my head was down for the rest of the month getting my reports together. I had to physically submit three copies of three reports and it was something I did in May 2014 (for a lesser qualification) but for some reason, it was much less stressful the second time round.

And you know what? I submitted by 3pm (with a 5pm deadline) and walked away feeling so proud. I seriously doubted myself but when you have your director, who hasn’t known you for very long, saying it’s possible, I just ran. Part 1 of 3 was complete so I treated myself to a weekend of doing whatever I pleased which included a movie night, brunch date, relaxing at home, 1,000 steps and seeing Hermitude.

The walk to the 1,000 steps. My happy place!

But there’s one day in June that sticks out to me the most. On Tuesday 23rd, I booked myself in for a skin analysis, something I’ve been meaning to do for months. Over the years, I’ve been in the routine of looking after my skin, getting peels/facials but eating poorly. Then I realised the products weren’t working if I wasn’t looking after myself from the inside so I focused on eating well and exercising which led me down the path of natural medicine and oils. For the last two years, I’ve been cutting chemicals out of my life, in the food & product sense (Sarah Wilson has been one of the biggest driving factors behind this).

In the last three years, I’ve attempted to cut out sugar every year with little success. I’ve managed to go somewhere between a month and three months before something happens that makes me have a little and then binge. It’s literally the worst addiction I’ve ever had (and there’s been a lot of addictions over the years).

So when I got my skin looked at this month, and the dermal clinician said my face was extremely dehydrated (amongst other things) and recommended a number of skin products and treatments (which are long overdue), the only thing I could think about was….quitting process sugar for good.

In that moment, I made the decision to quit sugar that very second if I was going to be focusing on my skin from the external surface. Unlike previous posts on the blog, I’ll be talking about my experience quitting (processed) sugar the further I am down that path.

Another highlight from June? Having C over from Sydney for the weekend and checking out Serotonin Dealer. I am definitely living in the right city to quit processed sugar!

C on the swings at Serotonin Dealer. Best idea ever!

Plate of goodness!

No idea I needed adjustments;

Last month, my friend recommended a Chiropractic consultation at a place that she goes to and when she said it was free, I was all ears (I love free stuff!) and it was only 5 minutes from my house so of course I went along.

I learned a very long time ago that prescription medicine was not the answer to the things I needed addressing so over the last few years, I’ve dabbled with acupuncture, naturopathic herbs, Iridology/ Sclerology, bowen therapy, deep tissue and soft tissue massage. They’ve all been good at reducing the problems but they’ve never really gone away.

See, for as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from bloating, digestive issues, headaches (tension and pressure) and stress. When I take on too much, and adrenalin goes into overdrive, my digestive system shuts down which causes bloating and all sorts of problems (common situation from what I hear). Having a wheat free diet has helped BIG time as well as cleansing regularly (nightly or one full day at a time or in this weeks case – double cleanse day because my body fat is creeping up). Also, having adaptogens daily has helped with my ability to adapt to stress so even less bloating & digestive issues.

So when I went to my first Chiropractic consultation, I got a scan done which read my whole spine & the problems that came up made SO much sense. There were blockages in my neck which made me get headaches & also meant I was constantly tense in my shoulders. There were also blockages in my mid back which affected my digestion as well as slight blockages in my lower back which made sense because I’m either sitting down at work or in the car (as much as I try sit correctly all the time, sitting for so long does affect my back). You can read more about these subluxations: here.

My 4 week progress scans, using the insight subluxation station, showed a MASSIVE improvement and the most important thing of all, I feel it too.

So if you’re in Perth, you’re in luck! I’ve got vouchers for a free initial consultation & assessment. You can email me on: anna@theglobalvision.com.au if you would like to see what’s going on in your body 🙂

Otherwise, highly recommend going to any Chiropractor that has the subluxation station to get the real picture of where your health is at.


A few weeks ago, Food Matters launched Food Matters TV aka FMTV. For the price of a green smoothie a month, you get access to hundreds of health & wellness documentaries, extended interviews with leading health exports, healthy recipe videos and yoga, exercise and meditation programs. 

So far, I’ve watched E-motion; Fat, sick & nearly dead; The Shift; You can heal your life and The Tapping Solution. All have been incredible in such different ways.

E-motion (the trailer is behind that hyperlink)  is a factual, feature-length documentary set to change the way humanity thinks about the physical symptoms of disease. Driven by interviews with cutting edge healers whose backgrounds include western medicine, quantum physics, kinesiology, biology and genetics, E-Motion looks at the underlying cause for everything that makes us sick. 

Fat, sick & nearly dead (trailer found here) is a documentary that follows a man named Joe Cross who is 100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease. He trades in the junk food and hits the road with juicer and generator in tow, vowing only to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice for the next 60 days. Across 3,000 miles Joe has one goal in mind: To get off his pills and achieve a balanced lifestyle (I’ve now watched this twice because it was THAT good).

The Shift, starring Wayne Dyer, explores the spiritual journey from ambition to meaning. The powerful shift from the ego constructs we are taught early in life by parents and society – which promotes an emphasis on achievement and accumulation – are shown in contrast to a life of meaning, focused on serving and giving back.

You can heal your life, starring Louise Hay, gives penetrating insights into Louise’s fascinating personal story; and shows how her views on self-esteem, abundance, and the metaphysical causes behind physical ailments were developed. It also reveals how she applied these concepts to her own emotional, spiritual, and professional life.

The Tapping Solution, starring Jack Canfield, explores Tapping in a way that’s never been seen before. The film combines the wisdom and experience of world famous teachers, speakers, and motivators, with an element that’s usually missing: REAL LIFE CASES, unfolding before your eyes.

Plus, ‘Hungry for change’ and ‘Food Matters’ are a must see. Seriously, the price of a green smoothie a month for all this amazingness? Total bargain!

Question time, where do you watch your documentaries? 

Happy 12 months to me!

On Thursday night last week, I graduated from university & went straight to the airport to catch the red eye to Brisbane. For the last 12 months, I’ve been on the greatest wellness journey to date, feeling better & better as time goes on. I started this journey for energy, a stronger immune system and a big detox post summer celebrations.

What I didn’t know last February was the fact that aligning my body would change my life in ways I wouldn’t even be able to imagine. Other than having energy for days, not being sick in 8 months, better sleep & feeling happier, less stressed & burnt out, I’ve met a HUGE amount of amazing people on this same journey as me.

And for someone that moved to Perth in 2007 & went straight into the party scene when I was still underage, this has been the biggest blessing of all. I remember breaking down to my parents in early 2009, confessing just how bad my life was spiralling out of control (first time ever admitting I had a drug problem to my parents – turns out they knew the whole time). I was just about to do a 2-year bridging course for university (since I dropped out of high school as soon as I turned 16) and I felt so stuck. I was surrounded by toxic people, negativity, drugs & alcohol and in general, people who weren’t on the same path as me.

I did my 2-year bridging course, meeting some incredible people along the way before doing 3 months backpacking through Europe & then straight into 3 years of intensive work & study.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve slowly changed aspects of my life. I’ve done lots of physical activities, saved as much as possible to travel, spent lots of time reading, connecting with new & old friends & done plenty of stuff by myself (as well as working and studying of course).

If I could tell my 17 year old self where I would be today, at the age of 23 (nearly 24), I would describe my current situation as completely outrageous from what it used to be.  To think how much my situation has changed in the last 5 years, especially the last year, totally blows my mind. The amount of times I have cried in the last 3 days, just thinking about how amazing things are at the moment cannot even be counted on two hands (and here I was thinking I was an emotional-less Russian!)

So this weekend has been the biggest game changer. I flew to Brisbane by myself, having met some of the people briefly in person or spoken with online. I’ve known a handful of people for a few years that were there but that was it. But I guess that’s what I’ve learnt over the last 7 years – you have to go out there & meet people. We celebrated the success of this amazing wellness company we’ve all partnered with & all the incredible individuals that really get it (there were SO so many!!) Can you imagine a company conference going from 300 people in February 2013 to over 2,000 in 2014? It’s a pretty good indication of its success over the last 12 months that I’ve been SO blessed to be a part of & witness.

So what’s next? It’s all a work in progress at the moment but now that university is finished and my property valuation reports are just days from being submitted for my property licence, I’ll be updating this blog as often as possible, sharing as much as I can.

All I can say for now is, I’m SO so excited for what’s to come in the next few months!

Nutritional Cleansing: my 6 month review;

In February this year, my big sis came back to Perth for the first time in 3 months (she’s currently living in Dubai). When I first saw her, I kinda felt like pushing a pause button if there ever was such a thing. I thought to myself, am I really seeing this? She looked incredible! After talking over dinner, we went along to a wellness talk presented by her friend, the amazing Peta (someone I was actually already following on twitter and instagram because I’m a creep I love following healthy Perth people).

I walked out of that room thinking, “I’ve found my missing link”. I’ve made some massive changes in my life in the past few years. I’ve spent a lot of time walking/running/swimming over the years, going through months of excessive pump classes, personal training sessions, bootcamp, boxing sessions, yoga, pilates (name it, I’ve probably tried it). I’ve gone months with no alcohol, no sugar and now living the gluten free life to keep my gut happy. I’ve tried a liver cleanse & become best friends with my naturopath, getting bottles of gross herbals to sort out this crazy body of mine.

I meditate often, have regular mindfulness sessions & have luckily found that one person I can pay to listen to all my problems (and never ashamed to admit it either). But still, it wasn’t enough. So in February, with my final year of university ahead of me, I thought, “why not?” because what is life other than one big learning experiment about what works & what does not.

& here I am 6 months later, satisfied I found the missing piece to my puzzle.

Photo taken beginning of February & end of August 2013

goodbye butt!

But I think the back is the most impressive for me!

What have I achieved in the past 6 months? 11 kgs of weight loss, noticeable fat loss around the problem area (stomach), 2-3 dress sizes and counting, energy to juggle everything like a crazy woman (and not burn out), feeling fuller for longer, less cravings and most importantly, stabilised moods. I feel like one of those infomercials listing all the positive changes because I’m just not used to so much going right!

So measurements & weight have been noted. Wonder where I’ll be in 6 months time! & the best thing? anyone can do this!

Is it time for a change in your life?

Operation: Exercise overload;

[Image source found here]

Now that uni is over for the year, it’s time to focus on the most important thing: my health! I’ve maintained a good eating plan for most of the year (I’m not even going to include chocolate because I have a problem) but I’ve brushed exercise aside even though I know that’s just as beneficial. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do zero exercise, I go for walks most evenings & then do some squats/jacking jacks etc but it doesn’t compare to what I’d like to do.

So for the next ten weeks, until summer school begins, my life will be filled with wakeboarding, paddle boarding, swimming and the odd pump class and boxing session.

Can you tell I’m a water rat?