Monthly Round Up: September;

September was another month full of foodie dates, late nights in the office, walks wherever possible and a whole bunch of new stuff.

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Like a version: Thundamentals

There’s a radio station in Australia called Triple J that has artists coming in weekly to sing live. Firstly, they do one of their own songs & then they do a cover of someone else’s song. The week just gone, Thundamentals, a hip hop trio from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales came in and sung one of their classics, “Paint the Town Red” and then covered the famous Matt Corby song, “Brother“.

Check out Thundamental’s version of Brother and let me know which one you like better:

Groovin The Moo

Ever since my first Groovin The Moo (GTM) experience in 2010, I’ve been looking forward to the next one as soon as one’s ended. It’s in May which means I’m not a moody cow (no pun intended ha!) from the heat like I tend to be at all the summer festivals but there’s something about GTM that I love.

Maybe it’s the fact that they are held in regional parts of Australia so it’s more of a weekend road trip as opposed to a typical day festival. The past two times, I drove down on the Friday night & stayed two nights but being on a budget this year, I drove down Saturday morning with a friend. We had lunch at a local brewery in Bunbury called The MASH Brewery which had views over the water & then made our way to the festival where we danced until late at night.

Here’s some photos from the day/night:

Dancing to Hermitude in the all ages section….I felt OLD!


We collected cans because for every can you brought back, you got $1 refund! We made $27 between us two!

There were funny outfits…this rabbit had carrots taped to his leg….genius!!

Me & my partner in crime Miss S

I waited 30 minutes for this spot to see Hilltop Hoods & weathered a brat pouring her drink all over my head for this prime spot….so worth it!

Next year, I’ll probably be a little bit more prepared for the weekend and actually organise accommodation….me & Miss S slept in my car! It was super comfy & warm though. However, the sun at 7am was a little painful.

Horrorshow Gig # Five

Last night, I went and saw my favourite band, Horrorshow, for the fifth time since they started touring in 2009. They’re a relevantly new Hip Hop duo who are gaining massive attention as each month goes by. Last year, they toured Europe for the first time, supporting a very popular Australian Hip Hop group called Hilltop Hoods. This year, they’re touring America with some of their friends, Spit Syndicate, another Hip Hop group from Sydney, Australia.

The crowd for Horrorshow

Horrorshow- Solo on the mic and Adit on the fader (mixer)

My friend Jac, Solo from Horrorshow & myself- big fan moment! 

My friend Trav didn’t have tickets and last minute, I got him one so he wrote me a little rhyme:

“you’re a star slipZov-a you rock like j HOv-A ….or something more epic like a supanov-A – hopes once shattered now swiftly rebuilt_ gonna lap up this SHOW like a cat does milk – slight wilt, full glow. shock horror, gonna blow. we just roll up through the hills and the meadows wait …HOLD UP – i’m goin to BLISS N ESO!!!”

That boy has so much talent.

Grateful to see Horrorshow again;

Last night, I got to see my favourite Australian Hip Hop duo Horrorshow for the 3rd time in the last 12 months. The two previous times, they were supporting other artists so this was their first tour as the headliners and let me tell you, this was my favourite gig out of the 3 by far.

I went with my favourite hip hop partner, Lindsay aswell as my friend Brad & then met Josh & Andrew there. The atomsphere was amazing & I’m sitting here, still smiling about last night.

Last night, I also picked up the courage to approach the MC because the other two times, I was far too shy.  And of course, I had to get a photo too.

And yes, he even signed my arm. Oh giddy little fan much?

Itchy Feet;

This is a song by my favourite Australian Hip Hop act Horrorshow that I can always relate to.

I’ve never been able to keep still & the line “On we march with itchy feet, there’s always somewhere you could be” describes me perfectly.

What do you think?