Monthly Round Up: July;

July was a relatively quiet month. Following my report submission last month, I spent this month studying and having mock interviews with industry professionals. Most days looked like this: wake up, work, study, work, gym/sauna and sleep.

The sauna is my go to place in the winter months, especially now that I’m living in Melbourne. I think there’s nothing more relaxing than a sauna session before bed and when I finally decide what city I will base myself in, my future home will definitely have a sauna!

July wasn’t ALL about herbanating. H moved over from New Zealand so we went to Myrtles Crepes one Sunday; I finally checked out Chez Dre`, Lentil as Anything & Axil Roasters. Highly recommend them all!

Haloumi & corn fritter from Axil Roasters. YUM!

& after talking to my housemate one evening and realising we both love Christmas, we hosted a little Xmas in July party at our place which fell on Saturday 25th (couldn’t of been more perfect!)

We had a Christmas tree, santa hats/christmas sweaters, the best homemade gingerbread cookies, mulled wine and a room filled with lovely people. It honestly felt like Christmas.

Only 5 more months until Christmas time in December 😀

Monthly Round Up: June;

In the last week of May, my boss had this crazy idea that I could get my reports together in three weeks for my Certified Practising Valuer (CPV) qualification. I love tight deadlines but even then, I thought, “is this guy mad?”

Venus Bay escape

I spent the first weekend of June, relaxing by the fire in Venus Bay and then my head was down for the rest of the month getting my reports together. I had to physically submit three copies of three reports and it was something I did in May 2014 (for a lesser qualification) but for some reason, it was much less stressful the second time round.

And you know what? I submitted by 3pm (with a 5pm deadline) and walked away feeling so proud. I seriously doubted myself but when you have your director, who hasn’t known you for very long, saying it’s possible, I just ran. Part 1 of 3 was complete so I treated myself to a weekend of doing whatever I pleased which included a movie night, brunch date, relaxing at home, 1,000 steps and seeing Hermitude.

The walk to the 1,000 steps. My happy place!

But there’s one day in June that sticks out to me the most. On Tuesday 23rd, I booked myself in for a skin analysis, something I’ve been meaning to do for months. Over the years, I’ve been in the routine of looking after my skin, getting peels/facials but eating poorly. Then I realised the products weren’t working if I wasn’t looking after myself from the inside so I focused on eating well and exercising which led me down the path of natural medicine and oils. For the last two years, I’ve been cutting chemicals out of my life, in the food & product sense (Sarah Wilson has been one of the biggest driving factors behind this).

In the last three years, I’ve attempted to cut out sugar every year with little success. I’ve managed to go somewhere between a month and three months before something happens that makes me have a little and then binge. It’s literally the worst addiction I’ve ever had (and there’s been a lot of addictions over the years).

So when I got my skin looked at this month, and the dermal clinician said my face was extremely dehydrated (amongst other things) and recommended a number of skin products and treatments (which are long overdue), the only thing I could think about was….quitting process sugar for good.

In that moment, I made the decision to quit sugar that very second if I was going to be focusing on my skin from the external surface. Unlike previous posts on the blog, I’ll be talking about my experience quitting (processed) sugar the further I am down that path.

Another highlight from June? Having C over from Sydney for the weekend and checking out Serotonin Dealer. I am definitely living in the right city to quit processed sugar!

C on the swings at Serotonin Dealer. Best idea ever!

Plate of goodness!

Sigh of relief;

I’m free…for the next 4 days at least. I’ve had a few hours free here & there over the past month but no days with no work or study so you can imagine how happy I am! My friend S is coming over from NZ, I haven’t seen her since September when we met up in Sydney so I’m very excited to just relax and hang out with her.

So far, our plans consist of a lot of swimming, relaxing at the beach and dining out. It’s still 30 degrees these days so I’m going to make the most of it this long weekend, especially cause I’ve spent the past few weekends, studying indoors.

I feel like a hermit that has finally come out of its shell. It’s a good feeling!

Last Sunday of March;

It’s been nearly one whole month of Autumn & Perth doesn’t seem to be getting any cooler. I spent all day indoors today, attempting to finish an assignment due tomorrow. I must say I miss spending my weekends in the park, at the beach or enjoying a nice brunch in the sunny outdoors. I’ve had numerous friends ask me, “Where have you been hiding lately??”, some even wondering if I’m still alive. Still living & breathing, just not out & about like I used to be.

I’ve turned into quite a homebody this month but the plus side to this- I’ve saved alot of money, I’ve had the time to write, nearly everyday in my paper and online journal and I’ve gotten closer to my parents.

Have to always find the positive in every situation.


I don’t know how it happened but yesterday I realised I was 9 hours behind on uni work without even putting anything off. I guess I under estimated how long it’d take me to finish an assignment. So I made the decision to take the day off work today and let me tell you: there was no resting.

I got a lot done though. I sent in my business report on Brazil first thing & then I was busy researching my next assignment (feels like they never end) at 8.30am this morning. I made a quick draft of an essay, started my shampoo research analysis, read a case study, watched 2 lectures, read 2 chapters, and revised a few chapters for a test tomorrow.

It’s 11.30pm now and I’m listening to some of my favourite music to unwind. This is the harsh reality of working full time & studying full time. Only 4 weeks of this madness left & then I’ll finally be able to relax (only a little). I can do this.


Ideal weekend;

2 weeks down with uni & I’m starting to understand what works for me & what doesn’t. I’m surprised how committed I am but what can I say, I’m loving every single unit I’m doing, all 4 of them are so interesting and they’re only the core business units.

I may or may not have a life anymore but I guess that all comes down to what you consider important. I used to consider having a life meant going out for dinners or drinks every weekend but oh my, has that changed.

This weekend, even though I was studying Friday & Saturday night from 7-11pm, I was able to go for a walk after work with K on Friday, go to the gym on Saturday, make dinner for L on Saturday night and spend some time in the sun today, writing.

Now that’s what I call a good weekend.


My weekend has consisted of not a lot other than uni work. Because I’m doing 2 units online, I’m seeing how it works if I do them on the weekends. To do one unit, it takes me 2 hrs to read a chapter & summarise and 1.5 hours to watch the lecture. Yesterday I did Marketing & today I did Management. Two units I thought would be boring but I’ve found them to be very interesting so call me a nerd, but I’m really enjoying these two topics already.

I already have assignments I have to work on for all 4 units though so my time off is well & truly over. Next task is to set up a study/assignment plan so I’m able to use my time wisely.

Of course not all weekends will be this quiet. I had plans to go swimming both mornings & then a run along the beach both evenings but I hurt my ankle on Friday night so just walking around the house is proving to be difficult so no gym for me this weekend until my body is completely recovered.

New Chapter: Work + Uni 2011;

After catching up with C for lunch today, we both agreed that everything has fallen into place.

Things may not seem good at the time, but looking back on the past few months, I’m thankful for everything that has happened that has led me to how content I feel today.

I’m sitting here tonight, enjoying the last of the calm-ness, the last night of no working or studying because tomorrow, I return to both for the first time in 4 months.

I’m looking forward to routine & knowing my timetable & availability for the next 6 months.

I’m looking forward to starting something fresh (university) and learning new things and I’m also looking forward to work and devoting more effort to a new direction.

I have some goals I want to achieve this year, mainly just basic stuff like maintaining a savings account whilst also passing all 8 units this year. Are both possible at once? I guess I’m going to find out this year!

Last weekend of freedom;

On Monday, I go back to work after having 16 weeks off. I don’t know what my hours will be, I hope it’s still as flexible as before where I could work anytime between 7am- 5pm (I used to work 7am- 3pm most days) because I have an important task to juggle this year- full time uni.

For uni, I have to go in Tuesdays 6pm-7pm, Wednesdays 6pm-9pm & Thursdays 6pm-8pm for Accounting & Communications and because I’m doing Management & Marketing online, I’m thinking of going into uni on Saturdays & Sundays for a few hours at a time because I know I can’t focus at home.

So this weekend, I’m trying to catch up with as many friends as I can as well as relaxing because I have no idea when I’ll have this sort of freedom back.